Song of the Day: American Sailors by The Triffids

American sailors are in town
My sisters wear their thin summer frocks
And dance with anyone
Bathing their shoulders in the night air
Kisses on the lawn

OK, it’s the next “American” songs in my little top five is an Aussie band so unlike all the other tracks who are all America acts, you know? It’s possibly the shortest song SOTD song I’ve ever done too! Nope it is NOT possibly, it is very easy the shortest track now because I’ve just double check that! It’s only only 49 secs. but the songwriter David McComb doesn’t need any longer to perfect sum-up what’s he’s saying here, it’s wicked epic songwriting at it’s most best! Sorry but saying nothing about the band The Triffids in this post, if you know nothing or never heard of them? I’ve blogged about before, most recently linked here. Most likely my shortest blog post since getting back into but they all don’t have to go on forever, I guess? Today’s song is second one into the final album by them, entitled The Black Swan of 1989. I would say my fave song on this LP is the third one in called Falling Over You, if you’ll like to know? So the reissue of The Black Swan with a lot of demos/bonus tracks is embedded below:

Continuing my drinking theme images here some of the members of The Triffids with friends and The Black Swan‘s producer: Adam Peters, Dave McComb, Phil Kakulas, Rob McComb, Stephen Street and Rita Menendez (R-L).

Cheers! 🙂



  1. America Sailors: Kind of ends before it starts. I agree he says it all though. Was waiting for some Thin Lizzy type of riff. btw the link from email was empty. Had to find it but maybe because nothing seems to work from South Africa. Seem to get banned from watching loads of stuff. Thanks for post.

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    1. Oh well, i think it might be copyright laws or something are different country by country? i try to have working thingys but only can tell from where i am, that’s Australia! in my opinion everyone should have a bandcamp profile by now and that would make it really easy but off course, that’s only indie stuff! Anyway hopefully you found it somewhere else? The Black Swan album is highly recommend album but if you’ve never listened to The Triffids before, maybe start with earlier ones like Born Sandy Devotional of 1986 which that’s like their classic album or everyone else says it is!
      Cheers 🙂

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    1. oh yeah, it wasn’t available in South Africa toooooo, that problem again! but can’t tell from here because it works for me! youtube need to tell you or something like this video doesn’t work overseas or something? i don’t know but i do really know i totally love that The Black Swan album so it’s very highly reco, track it down if you can? or got time?
      Cheers mate 🙂

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