Song of the Day: American Life by Primus

In a town in southernmost Sicily
Lived a family too proud to be poor
In the year that fever took father away
They hastened for American shores
Now a mother and her son are standing in line
It’s a cold day on Ellis Isle
And they look to the Statue of Liberty
For the boy we have American life
Ong is a Laotian refugee
He works in the audio trade
The smoke from flux is filling his lungs
He’s earning minimum wage
Spending spare time down on
San Pablo ave
Once a week gets a woman for the night
And he writes home tales of prosperity
For the boy we have American life
Bob is an unemployed veteran
Born and bred in the South Bronx
He’s living off the streets down in east L.A.
Residing in a cardboard box
Now he plays a little quit and he has a small dog
Searching for aluminum cans
And he hold on tight to his dignity
He was born into American life

It’s down last two “American” SOTD posts! After making everyone to wait over the weekend I’m back for Monday morning blog posting last couple, hopefully very last one tomorrow!

What can I say about Primus today? Seems it’s turning into highly recommending the albums each of the SOTD are from! Like last week, I did say some of the artist’s best/fave albums so I’ll say Sailing The Sea Cheese of 1991 would be the best/my fave by them, what about yours? Which is your fave Primus album? Anyway American Life is fourth song on that album and hopefully the YouTube embedded thingy is below and working? Or just look it up yourself! I’ve got my own copies of all these album I’ve been blogging post myself so I’ll be listening to them like that but because I’ve had a couple of comments last week saying this or that’s NOT working or something? All seem to work for me so if you’re in Australia, you should be fine for you but if you’re else where could be another thing! I remember seeing Primus live toooooo so should do another post all about that, they were another killer live band from the 90’s, have you seen them live yet?

BTW I do remember this song was used in the biker bar scene in True Detective season one. I don’t think Aussies biker would listen to Primus? Maybe southern American biker are a bit opened than the ones here? Primus are pretty or very popular, so maybe they do here in Australia, you never know? I did do three blog posts on the three seasons of TD which for some reason the second season’s post is by far the most popular even if everyone seem to hate that one at the time. The True Detective tag is linked here, if you wanna check it yourself? I seem to link anything related to that show, I’ve just updated/edited those three posts but depending where you are they might still have dead videos but they all now working, if you are in Australia!

So heads-up tomorrow’s post I’m going to call that one the ultimate or very top or the number one “American/America” song of all-time, OK? What can it be? Start guessing! But in the meantime here’s the full album of Sailing The Seas Of Cheese right now:

It’s B&W P with Les giving two fingers up!

Cheers! 🙂



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