Song of the Day: Amnesia by Swans

The sun is an acid eye
We’re corroded with pleasure inside
There’s a hole in your thin white skin
Now we’ll never be clean again
Our hands are two broken claws
We scrape at the ground for hours
I buried this sound in the floor
To gain control of this feeling
And this city’s a crowded room
And the earth is a closing tomb
In my hand is your perfect womb
When you breathe, your breath is obscene
My heart is a lead box
Ideas are shutting locks
The air was just turned off
Now you’re sucking from this machine
The sun will not rise today
You children will stay where you lay
The oil is black and it’s thick
And sex is a void filled with plastic
The President’s mouth is a whore
When there’s murder, the audience roars
There’s no room left here for the strong
And everything human’s necessarily wrong

The Swans have recorded a few versions of this track, you know? At the very top is the lyrics and then song from youtube which is the most recently one. Maybe I should have gone the other way around but haven’t! Opening one just above is from the leaving meaning. album of 2019. Next just below is the first one done way back in 1992 from the Love of Life album. I’ve called that one my favorite Swans album of all-time but I think, I love the newer version of this song just little bit more, somehow?

Next I’ve got the so-called “Long” version also released around 1992. The newer leaving meaning. one is five mins. 50 sec. then very first from Love of Life is four mins. 20 sec. and this long one is seven mins. 40 sec. if you wanna know how long are each one is?

If you’ve never heard of Swans, they’re an American band from New City City’s No Wave music and art scene of late-70’s. BTW if you forget who the President of U.S.A. was in 1992? It was George Bush, the Senior one but hopefully you don’t need reminding who it was in 2019 because it was so recently!

Next is both fully albums plus the 1992 one below is also the reissue version with a whole pile of bonus tracks, if you just wanna go all out today with the Swans? Here’s Swans’ bandcamp profile linked here, embedding those couple of albums just below:

OK, letting you know anyone out there now with Swans today we’re down that’s the second last “Am” track for my little SOTD project, what’s going to be the very last one? Hopefully I’ll post it tomorrow or at least the next couple of days? Sorry about missing like whole last week blogging, kind-of dropped the ball but head-ups everyone who give a shit. I’ve been putting together a bit of an insane monster post which hoping I’ll get it up and out before the end of this month, cross-fingers!

It’s Swans main-man Michael Gira showing you a photo of himself!

Cheers! 🙂


  1. Missed you William. Good to see you back. Not sure The Swans are for me but giving them a good go. Sometimes a sound can grow on you. Thanks for the blog and music.

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    1. Oh well, glad you check them out even if it’s not your cup of tea! I didn’t say in the post itself but sometimes I think, you need to see the Swans live to get the full power and understand them at all, would be easy in my top ten live bands/artists I’ve seen in my life, totally unbelievable and mind-blowing insane act to sum-up very quickly! Anyway got another post almost ready for tomorrow and then got at least couple more before the end of Nov. plus one is a bit on the big side, I think it should be done pretty soon! Cheers 🙂


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