Song of the Day: Amy by Dirty Three

So the very last “Am” SOTD is an instrumental song today’s so no lyrics at the very top of the post before my gibbering all about it, OK? It’s the third song into the epic 19 track huge album entitled Cinder of 2005 which was their eighth studio album tooo! Cinder was recorded here in Australia on Phillip Island which is a bit south of Melbourne and where all the tourists go to see all the Fairy Penguins or is most well-known for that, you know? Extra bonus live version on Japanese tour of 2006, it’s a tiny bit longer but with Woz funny little introducing explaining what it’s all about?

Worth to note: Warren Ellis on one of his solo soundtrack scores did another totally different song entitled Amy toooo! So it’s pretty much almost the same artist who has written two songs called Amy. The movie was called Bad Girl of 2016 and one the lead role charter’s name is Amy. Bad Girl filming locations was in Perth, Western Australia in the Swan Valley where I’ve lived around there before and it’s very pretty out there. I still haven’t see the movie itself so should try and find it somewhere? Off course, do totally love the soundtrack very much, Woz put down his violin on it and really tracking back, this could be his first total synth album which off course, he soon after bring into the Bad Seeds albums say Ghosteen of 2019 and Nick Cave & WE duo studio album Carnage from earlier this year but Woz going synth bonkers started here. Bad Girl was recorded in Australia tooo, at the time of Dirty Three reunion Aussie tour but he did in all in hotel rooms and NOT in a real recording studio. Just image being in the room next door while he recorded this? Making it the very last album he’s done in Australia. Anyway as extra, extra bonus song today from that soundtrack is Amy:

So might be more Amy songs in the world? But that’s couple I’m posting and “Hello” to any Amy’s out there looking/listening to this post! That’s the very last “Am” song today’s and should say in the past I’ve had the habit so saying that and then going back on my word and then going backwards in the alphabet tooo! Let’s say it’s time to move on “An” stuff, for the moment, OK? But kind-of hitting stop for the moment on SOTD post because, see a bit lower in this post for more about that. Anyway here’s the whole of the 2005’s Cinder album, if you wanna listen? If you’ll like to know my three personnel faves on this 19 track album? It would be Doris featuring bagpipes solo by Mark Saul, Flutter which at six mins. 36 secs. is the longest track on this album, The Zither Player which is a Félix Lajkó cover but this album would be the most well known for the one and only word vocal sung song by D3 which that honor when to Chan Marshall of Cat Power with the Great Waves song but should say also Sally Timms of The Mekons does do a wordless vox on the Feral track tooo:

Plus might as well included the full Bad Girl soundtrack album:

OK, that’s all the “Am” song of the day’s posts I’m going be doing which those has been happening on my blog since at the start of July this year but off course, I had of a bit of SOTD posts break in the middle of that so it’s taken a lot longer that is really should have! Here’s tag for all SOTD posts and was going to try to keep updating that playlist but haven’t since this post, linking here if you wanna check it out or missed it or something? Monster post is still coming in the next couple/few of days! So sorry to say SOTD is going on hiatus yet again because I’ve got something extra special for the summer or might be your winter, if you are up north? But for everyone’s silly season next month I’m going start something extra special which most likely will bleed into next year tooooo! What the hell can it be? Stay turn to this same bat-time, same bat-channel or should that be the same bat-shit?

In bed with D3, you wanna a kiss from any of these blokes? It’s (L-R) Mick Turner, Jim White and Warren Ellis before his beard!

Cheers! 🙂



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