Song of the Day: Anal Injury by Lubricated Goat

Yep, I’m NOT making this up! Here’s a band who’s named Lubricated Goat and has a song called Anal Injury but it’s short one and they’re no real words just strange noises vocals! The band Lubricated Goat are an Aussie act, you know? Should that be off course they’re! Most well-known in this country for the very first band to appear on national TV totally naked, they were playing their song called In The Raw so it was total perfect moment on Aussie TV! Singer-songwriter-multi instrumentalist Stu Spasm, NOT his real name is from my home town of Perth which I’m real proud of but now lives in New York City, seems to be playing gigs on the small size there, well before C-19 but America does seem to be getting live shows/touring acts again in the last little bit of time, more recently!

OK, I’m still fucking about with this mega-post I’ve been tell you about last post which now might NOT get done before the end of this month? So Sunday morning quickly thrown together this one for the very first “An” SOTD and sorry but NOT really that sorry to anyone who upset or something getting “Anal” in their feed or inbox or how ever you look/read this? You can block me or delete me or whatever because I’ve got yet another “Anal” song tomorrow or next couple of days. Promise ring I will get it up before the end of this month, lucky everyone! I think, it pretty funny posting “Anal” songs but maybe, some peeps might/don’t think it’s very funny? Think about it right now, this morning I can’t think of any Ass or Anus songs which is couple more words coming up soon in my little SOTD project but give me a bit more time, I might come up with something? Do you know any “Anal” song/s please why NOT share them with me?

So just below is the reissue of the album Plays The Devil’s Music by Lubricated Goat on bandcamp and label who repressed in on vinyl, if want a copy of this mad music, it’s fully remastered by Mikey Young. Originally put out as LG’s debut studio album back in 1987 and the album itself is on the short-ish side, a little least than half an hour so have a listen now:

It’s B&W LG in the 90’s with Stu Spasm front and Centre!

Cheers! 🙂


  1. Hi William. Are you familiar with the joke that ends … “But I fuck one goat” ?
    I thought I’d provide a few quick lyrics to add to the sentiment of your post (though not, I admit, a good match for the music).

    I’ve worked so hard
    It’s not been fun
    To get myself
    To number one
    Holy smoke
    I’ve been so clever
    I’ve been the best
    At most things ever
    I’m super cool
    I’m super hot
    Though I don’t like to boast
    A lot
    My star has shone
    In many places
    I’ve won more than
    A hundred races
    But am I renowned
    For all that good?
    I’ve been misunderstood
    I lived my life
    With great precision
    But then I made
    One poor decision
    Just one mistake
    It all went flat
    I fucked one goat
    And that was that

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    1. That’s so wicked man! Thanks so much for sharing your words and I think, it could work with the music, maybe? When reading them I imaged Stu of LG with his deep heavy evil vox kind-of spoken word saying them over the top of the music! Cheers mate 🙂


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