Song of the Day: Anal Stepladder by Romy Fox

OK, that’s it for a couple of “Anal” tracks but lucky everyone out there in internet land it really is the last one! I love to know if you know any “Anal” song/s? Anyway it’s from compilation of experimental electronic music from Melbourne released last year, I really loved this whole thing and when looking for almost everyone I didn’t know about?

That’s the full album just above called Tender Connection by the label Tender Collection, I think all the artists on it are Melbourne. Mainly the couple I knew of really well were Golden Syrup and Various Asses, sorry we now getting a bit of a theme for Monday morning. Golden Syrup is Sara Retallick who debut self-titled album of 2018 can be found linked here. Retallick is also bass player for Mod Con who’s just a couple of months ago released their second album entitled Modern Condition linked here. One of the members of Various Asses is also the drummer for Mod Con tooo, her name is Raquel Solier so Various Asses’ Loción album can be found linked here. Pity Erica Dunn isn’t on it but you can’t have everything, I guess? I’m saying all this because I know very little about today’s featured song’s artist but have embedded a couple of more things just below by Romy Fox, her bandcamp profile, linked here. Two tracks release and demo tape, forgot about the demos front cover album but does keep in with today’s kind-of theme:

That’s RF taken from her bandcamp profile.

Cheers! 🙂


    1. oh yeah, it’s total abstract sound instrumental and i don’t why the song title? is it some porn thing? maybe just odd juxtaposed of two words, i don’t know? but my imagination goes like this: a huge stepladder you can walk up into even bigger human asshole or it’s really just like stairway to heaven or something like that? Sorry about that, maybe shouldn’t have gone there!
      Cheers 🙂

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