End of the Month New Music list: Nov 2021

Intro: So it’s well it’s almost 20 releases I’ve picked this month! Sorry, if that’s just tooo much music but it’s the last hurrah of 2021 and I can’t cut it down anymore that this, I’ll kind-off explain everyone below what everything, if you’ve never heard of them? I guess, take your picks or just listen to everything? I hope you might enjoy some these of these ones, maybe only one or could be all of these?

I’m calling/saying Alter Schwede by My Disco, the best/my fave new album of this month! It was only released yesterday and for some reason NOT last Friday. Already unbelievable wicked great in my book. Might, NOT everyone ones cup of tea but I love everything they have done, they’re up to sixth album with this one! If you never have heard them? Check out the old albums, if you can? Linked here is their bandcamp profile with all albums, EPs etc. Might be even stranger one to enter their music on but that could be wicked good stranger? Going more and yet more abstract again but total love it but I’ve say that already! File under: experimental or dark ambient or industrial noise or something that?

Self-titled by Springtime, debut album is finally here! The LP they have been promising us, it seem all of 2021 or a very longtime! I’m huge fan of all three members and hopes were high but it’s a seven song track-listing: we get only got a couple of brand new Gareth Liddiard (The Drones/Tropical Fuck Storm) written songs, that’s: Will To Power and The Killing Of The Village Idiot because The Island but it’s a very old The Drones song. A couple of collaborations lyrics written with Gareth Liddiard’s Irish uncle Ian Duhig which are The Viaduct Love Suicide and Jeanie In A Bottle. She Moved Through The Fair isn’t listed as an old Traditional song but it is, you know? Then a live recording of West Palm Beach which is Palace Music/Will Oldham cover. The music itself is total masterclass, that’s Chris Abrahams (The Necks) on piano, Jim White (Dirty Three/Xylouris White) on drums and Gareth Liddiard on guitar and vox. To tell the truth I was hoping for a little/lot more, I guess it’s a good or even great start but can we have GL write some more mind-blowing songs? Sorry to say, I was a little disappointment by TFS Deep States which was put out earlier this year because it’s tooooo same-y as their first two album but this week TFS won an AIRA award for it. Good on them winning, he/them have never won an ARIA before but that does tells me it’s the most popular thing he’s ever done, also won for heavy metal category which I wouldn’t really call it that!

I’m thinking aloud right now but if you did take a few tracks of Deep States and most of Springtime you would have one wicked huge epic masterpiece of an album! I’ll say the best “new” tracks by TFS written/sung by GL were The Greatest Story Ever Told, Blue Beam Baby, The Donkey and Reporting Of A Failed Campaign so I’m NOT much a fan of Gaz kind-of white boy rap tracks. Maybe, those four or even a couple of them really should/could have been given to Springtime to play/record? With those three GL tracks and those Ian Duhig couple and with She Moved Through The Fair you would one totally bloody killer 10 track album plus you could still have that Palace live cover would make it 11 tracks. Say if I was their manger that’s what I would have told them to do this year, even TFS could have a break and just focus on one band which is the Springtime band. Here’s hoping GL next songwriting bit, all go to the Springtime band or all his songs next time go to them so they get full album of his bloody great songwriting sometime in the near future as Springtime album number two? My hopes was very, very, very, very super-duper high so maybe after all that, it’s my own problem? Maybe, only one more Gaz written track would have pushed it into the wicked great cool area? I’ll most likely listen to both TFS Deep States and self-titled Springtime a zillion of times and maybe, I’m just being way toooooooo hash here on my blog post? Also please just release the live Springtime re-recording/working of his “solo” track The Radicalisation of D sometime soon or just be done with and put out that whole live gig, we know you recorded it, just release like you did with Penumbra or maybe, both those should’ve been on this self-titled album tooo? Also it’s second total dumb-ass front album cover of this year, both those releases are worst album covers of 2021 tooo! Anyway I’ll say closing track The Killing Of The Village Idiot is the best/my fave and sorry about my mad rant but it’s most likely a mini-masterpiece!

Cleareye Shining by Bitumen, is the most wicked sophomore album by darkwave gothic band from Hobart who’s now based in Melbourne town. I’ll say at this point opening track Paint And Draw is the best/my fave maybe because it does have a video clip dropped recently so both are included today!

Gap Tooth by Jaala, is the third album by this under-rated Melbourne three piece, well front-woman Cosima Jaala is the main songwriter/singer/guitarist who back by Carolyn Schofield on synths, piano, & violin who’s solo artist that goes under the name Fia Fiell and drummer Maria Moles who’s also a solo artist tooo. It’s a very wicked like I would say art rock or dream pop kind-of vides, check it out if you dig that kind-of thing?

Into The Traffic, Under The Mooonlight by Laila Sakini, is file under my biggest new discovery of Nov. She is London based but original from Melbourne and this and the next couple below is the the same artist and yeah, all put out this month tooo! I think, this one was tape-only originally but now getting vinyl release. I know very little at this point about her but it’s bloody wicked chili out electronic experimental ambient vides, if you dig that kind-of thing, she might be your thing?

Strada by Laila Sakini, is the also a re-released EP by her. Well, I think it is or could be? I know I really love it and know it’s so wicked great! Like I was saying just above if you enjoy mellow ambient vides, most deaf you need to check her out! I think, this one was released as Documenting Sound Edition from Bookkat who put out my most fave album of last year by Jonnine of HTRK, you know? Seem to be saying it’s recorded in Dandenong Ranges which is just outside Melbourne so maybe, she’s NOT London based after all?

Self-titled by Princess Diana of Wales, it’s NOT really the long dead Diana but the same artist just above on the last couple of releases who’s going under that name this time. All have been released this month and this was actually the very first one I discovered and already worked backwards from there so sharing all with anyone/everyone who wants to check it out?

Things Take Time, Take Time by Courtney Barnett, can she top her earlier out-put? Almost but NOT this time, sorry to say but it’s still really bloody great indie pop rock! Check it out if you haven’t yet?

Dua Naga by Rinuwat is best metal album of Nov. total brand new act does have a couple of members of Melbourne’s High Tension. That’s Karina Utomo on vox and Mike Deslandes on guitar with drummer Rama Parwata, Utomo sung this whole album in Javanese language dialect, that’s kind-of Indonesian. Band name translates as “to liberate oneself from a curse.”

Crawler by Idles, English punks are back with their fourth album out! So far, I would say Car Crash and Stockholm Syndrome are the couple of songs I’ve enjoy the most, so far if you wanna know?

Steal Away EP by Barry Adamson, I’m reading his memoir book entitled Up Above the City, Down Beneath the Stars which so far is wicked great at the moment but haven’t finish it yet. BA put out brand new music so he can win the EP of this month, please check it out!

Video of the month has to be Alex Cameron‘s Sara Jo, his first new music in two years minus the covers he’s done in that time but could easy be very late contender the song/video clip of year of 2021! Maybe, it’s tooo earlier to say that but it’s so fuckin’ catchy! No word on brand new album yet by him, everyone’s guessing one is coming next year sometime?

Also back this month with new song is Camp Cope with Blue but no video clip, well not yet and everyone’s got finger-crossed for new album next year but no word from them yet about that toooo!

Soundtrack song of this month goes to Nick Cave & Warren EllisWe Are Not Alone, does has NC sung lead vox tooo, they’re releasing brand new score/soundtrack next month La Panthére des Neigesbut out December 17 but putting out this kind-of lead single last week. It’s for kind-of nature documentary of French photographer trying to take a photo of snow leopard, who is one of the rarest and most difficult big cats to approach. BTW Cave for first time comes to Bandcamp with this single, maybe more thanks to the record label who’s releasing it but included both bandcamp and youtube just above, take your pick or listen twice!

Let call this one longest song of the month: The Jam by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, unfortunately it’s NOT on B-Sides & Rarities (Part 2) release last month but just uploaded to YouTube earlier this month. Was kind-of out-take while filming his doco One More Time With Feeling of 2016 but never released until Bad Seeds Teevee, the 24hr YouTube Cave channel which has pity been closed now. The Jam is a 40+ mins. track which really was something you looked forward tooo while watching/listening to Bad Seeds Teevee. It does included one of the B-Sides & Rarites (Part 2) songs called Life Per Se about halfway and bit and pieces of lyrics that’s never been used for anything else, I think?

Cover album of the month goes to The Flaming Lips with teenage singer Nell Smith on lead vox and their whole record of Nick Cave covers entitled Where The Viaduct Looms. Nine tracks date from 1990’s The Ship Song/The Weeping Song to 2016’s Girl in Amber which was lead single a couple of months or more ago. That’s three NC thingos to kind-of almost finish 2021 with, should at least keep me and some other happy of summer silly season!

Cover song of this month is yet another video clip with yet more Cat Power following from last month’s announcement of new album for Jan. 2022 simply called Covers. Pa Pa Power originally by Dead Man’s Bones of 2009, who was Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling’s band, you know?

Finishing with reissue of November, sorry it’s NOT Radiohead which was great tooo but what was better: Did you know TISM also came to bandcamp toooo? All the latest reissues released this year are all up on it with even more coming next year tooo! The newest reissues are Gentlemen Start Your Egos and Form And Meaning Reach Ultimate Communion which are like their earliest long-player original released form the 80’s, you know? Maybe, I should really include reissues every month!

Outro: Sorry but that’s 19 motherfuckin’ releases for this month so did anyone get through all those? If you did, really do hope you might find something new to you or maybe, could be something you’ve already been digging? Warning: like last time around this time of the year I’ll be joining Dec. 2021 and Jan. 2022 months/posts together because NOT much is really released in those months but instead I’ll be having the big huge end of the year list/s next month, OK?

It’s the three members of My Disco laying down in the snow somewhere? It’s Rohan Rebeiro (top), Ben Andrews (left) and Liam Andrews.

Cheers! 🙂


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