Great Watching: Goody Goody Gumdrops, A Tropical Fuck Storm film

So when to the movie house down the road this week and seen this one so it’s my weekend blog post, if you wanna check it out? TFS got only one tour with King Gizz done this year and postponed their own one twice so far and it’s now NOT on until next year! They did make a whole movie instead, off course did released third album Deep States plus Gareth started side-project Springtime who did release self-titled debut and Erica put out second Mod Con album entitled Modern Condition so busy year for TFS members! Capping it all off, fans worldwide could livestream this movie or like me, got to go to old fashion cinema and watch them on the big screen! So I’ve gotta say something about it because they’re one of my most favorite bands. I’ve been a bit critical of the brand new album, mainly a bit tooo same-y for me as the last couple but lucky them, did crack the top ten in mainstream album charts which was a first for them also won AIRA award show for Heavy Metal album of the 2021, they’re NOT really heavy metal you know? I’ve only seen one new track played live so maybe I might change my mind, if and when they can tour in Australia? I think, the livestream online thingy times is up now so I if you want to see it? I don’t know how you can do it now so really should really have posted it earlier and if you like the sound of it? You could have watched it but sorry, I don’t think you can now! Maybe, they’re going or could re-release it later again somewhere/somehow?

This movie was all very entertaining, if you dig them? As you can see from the trailer embedded just above: who knows how many dogs they have? I think, if you count them it’s only five dogs but seem like way more! But dogs are seem like they’re everywhere plus the biggest LOL in the darken cinema when to all the dog’s pissing and shitting everywhere! You see inside TFS HQ and they make cocktails for you, want I remember it alcoholic was vodka in them, if you wanna know? Played “RatPack” version of RKO (female singer) song New Romeo Agent but afterwards I wish they did do her Who’s My Eugene? toooo! Gaz (male singer) and Hammer (drummer) do shot all their fake gold records with a big old gun BTW you do seen the spray painting drying on them on the lawn after sometime. Then they walk down to the bays of local Goulburn River and play a couple of songs acoustically by a campfire: Maria 63 audio is embedded just above and Aspirin with Augie March’s Dono on pedal steel guitar. Old mate Helena Rose Holmes did Tarot cards reading which the bad joke was, she answer “Nope” to all the dumb questions? They moved an old bus out of their car port and bring in a trailer with very flat tyres and put drum kit on top of it and set up and played a main set of mainly new songs but did thrown in older songs like You Let My Tyres Down and Paradise too. I think, my couple of faves from the whole thing was Aspirin and The Donkey, ironically both those tracks are missing from the vinyl pressing but I did pre-ordered anyway! Closing credits had a totally brand new song which was some funny kind-of C&W piss take with Gaz singing rubbish about who knows what? I did get out Fi (bass player) and Gaz old band The Drones DVDs out and I am watching them again right now because it’s been awhile, maybe should do a blog post on them sometime? I’ll give Goody Goody Gumdrops film four and half dogs out of five, if you wanna a score for this movie!

OK, that’s like amazing shit because it’s my fifth movie blog post of this year and I guess, most likely the very last one? A couple have been new music ones, this one and one about David McComb of The Triffids linked here. The old non-music films I blogged about this year were 1988’s Dead Ringers, 1992’s Candyman and 1999’s The Straight Story, all three linked by clicking on the movies titles, if wanna have a look again or missed them first time? NOT really a film blogger but peeps seem to kind-of enjoy those so I will try to do some more next year, OK?

The TFS movie poster looks like this!

Cheers! 🙂


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