End of the Year list of Songs: 2021

So following the albums of the year post a couple days ago, here’s my fave songs including video clips of the year and stand alone tracks, some best cover versions plus best/fave songs from some albums that didn’t make that list/post on Sunday plus anything else I can think offff?

Award show kick-offf with a very, very later contender who has now won both the stand alone song and video clip of this year! Sara Jo by Alex Cameron, he has done it yet again and here’s it on bandcamp:

Or just watch that video clip again from youtube plus looking forward to hopefully brand new album in 2022:

Next is some tracks which can be found on albums that didn’t fit or make the cut of my top ten albums list but these are the best tracks from them, still like/love these albums but 2021 had a very strong field of new music but you most likely know that already?

Roko steals the show because she had the best/my fave on Tropical Fuck Storm‘s Deep States LP with New Romeo Agent plus can win runner-up video clip of this year:

OK, because Gaz can’t miss out his best/my fave on that same album was The Donkey:

BTW Deep States by TFS wins most shit album front cover of 2021 toooo!

The re-worked/re-recording song of this year wasn’t on an album but Springtime doing old The Drones’ Penumbra:

Ms. Erica Dunn also had Mod Con‘s Modern Condition LP so the best/my fave song is Is Your Heart a Joke?

Duet of this year is For As Long As I Can Remember by Geoffrey O’Connor & Jonnine from For As Long As I Can Remember album so it’s the title track also had a video clip so let’s say third best one of 2021:

The next best/my fave stand alone/non-album track would be Walking Thru Walls by Jonnine:

The next best Jonnine on someone else’s album was on Not Waving‘s How To Leave Your Body with My Sway which also had a video so win fourth best vid of 2021:

The demo of the year with promised coming soon album sometime was Last Men by Bluetile Lounge:

The very top cover song of this year is One Hundred Years (feat. Chelsea Wolfe) by Xiu Xiu from the Oh No album, originally by The Cure of 1982:

The runner-up cover of 2021 was Peace Signs by Idles, off course from epic Ten and originally by Sharon Van Etten in 2010:

Rounding offf my top five videos of this year with number five with Astronaut by Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders from the album entitled Hijack!:

BTW I did include only one video clip on Sunday’s Albums of 2021 list/post which was King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard with Catching Smoke from Butterfly 3000 album so I guess, that’s my top six vids of 2021! So if you somehow missed that? Linked here, if you wanna look/listen?

Finishing today’s post with the best/my fave old song of 2021 is Defecate on My Face by TISM thanks to their reissue campaign, various versions of this track can be found on various reissues re-released this year but here’s the old video clip:

So that’s a top 13 for Tuesday blog post and rounding of 2021 briefly in a couple of posts, yeah could have made both much longer but I doubt anyone out there is going to listen/watch more? What do you think? What’s your own fave videos etc. of this year? Please share if you wanna! Happy Xmas to everyone reading/looking at this post because it might be the last one before that weekend coming, please have a drink on me!

It’s AC winning video clip of 2021!

Cheers! 🙂


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