End of the Month New Music list: Dec. 2021/Jan. 2022

Intro: So it’s the very first post of this new year, hope you had a good one and maybe you miss me or NOT? Almost missing all of January but back for the last day of the month and hope are you have a good/great summer? Or maybe that’s winter, I guess if you’re up north somewhere! Anyway we get less new music at this time of the year because everyone’s on holidays at end of one and start of another but I did find some to entertain myself! So sharing now with anyone out there who cares, hope you find something you dig below?

Augie March surprised dropped seventh album entitled Bloodsport & Porn just ten days before Xmas last year without any drip feed promo, just an email saying you can buy it right then! It cheekily sneaked into my little end of year list because it’s NOT everyday Augie March has a brand new album, you know? Off course, downloading on the 15th of Dec. with my own physical copy arriving on the 4th of Jan. but only made available on streaming sites in mid-January so if you’re NOT huge fan and you haven’t buy it already, why NOT? Anyway everyone else can listen to it now so check it out!

Video clip of this post is easily Alex Cameron with his brand new song Best Life plus news about his fourth solo album entitled Oxy Music to be released on March 11th. So just above should be vid for Best Life, directed by Jemima Kirke and just below should be Oxy Music album so far, a couple of opening tracks but embedding from bandcamp for the full tracklisting/front cover artwork:

You might have notice his song Sara Jo winning my own little award show of last year? Got say something about the guest spot on the closing title track, who is Sleaford Mods‘ Jason Williamson so goes without saying this album now goes straight to the top of my list of most anticipation albums of 2022!

Tropical Fuck Storm just a few days ago dropped one song Braindrops from that Goody Goody Gumdrops movie of late last year on YouTube. Also gotta say the vinyl version of it is up for March release, you know?

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard can’t help themselves had to release something, let’s say they’re the best remix and live albums!

So that’s Butterfly 3001 which is last years album Butterfly 3000 remixed and Live In Brisbane ’21 which that show was an acoustic theme night so little bit more mellow that a normal King Gizz gig, you know?

Unbelievable HTRK did released live recording of their very first show done way back in 2003 at RMIT Loop bar, Melbourne entitled hTRKRTIO Live at Loop. That opening song Ho is pervious unreleased but you have to buy it to hear all of it, I think, it’s only available on bandcamp tooooo!

Let’s start including reissues every end of month new music post even if it’s NOT really totally new! So this post is A Collection Of Songs by Palm Springs, that’s Erica Dunn of Mod Con, Tropical Fuck Storm etc. doing her mainly solo thingy. As this album title implies, it’s something from all her releases in one place, check it out!

Let’s call it the dream collaboration of the last bit of time with Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) & J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) joining together for these couple of songs: Abstract Blues and Slow Boy which both do sound like they could have be recorded in 80’s underground America!

The cover album of this post just has to be off course, Covers by Cat Power. It’s her third cover album, you know? I think, my fave track is I Had A Dream Joe which was original by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in 1992.

Ending today with the soundtrack or film score of the last couple of months: La Panthère Des Neiges by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis which was dropped sometime in Dec. 2021 but you have to wait till March if you want physical copy, you know? Snow leopard doco of French photographer trying to take of photos of them is the description of the film itself but I’ve still NOT seen it myself but would be worth watching!

Outro: so that’s my most favorite new stuff released over the last couple of months, seems to be yet another top ten so have you heard all of these yet or what?

It’s AM blokes who top my Dec/Jan blog post so they’re the featured image today!

Cheers! 🙂


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