End of the Month New Music list: Feb. 2022

So this makes only my second blog post of the whole year, so far! Sorry to anyone/everyone out there who would like to have see/hear me more? Pretty shit blogger lately so I might get back into a bit more sometime soon but I might NOT! Anyway here’s this month’s new-ish stuff I’ve been digging, if you care? If you’ll like to check them out?

Leading today’s post is debut album by Christopher Coleman & The Great Escape entitled The Great Tasmanian Escape. Someone totally unknown or most likely someone you’ve never heard of or have you? What I know which I’ll share will you, it was recorded back in 2018 but only released now, it’s folk-rock type of thing, if you like that style you could dig this? Some of my fave musos are in his backing band like Augie March’s Glenn Richards did produced this album and plays the second guitar plus arrangements of the horns. Also The Drones’ old drummer Mike Noga plays drums, sadly Noga passed away in 2020 so this with be the very last time he’ll play drums for us! Yeah, they’re from Tassie but was recorded in Melbourne and I don’t know why it’s be soooooo long in-between recording and releasing it?

The Names Of The Plague from Night Raver EP by Springtime, it’s a 15 mins noise fest with those other couple songs released in a couple of days time next month, both those two are re-recordings/re-works of older Gareth Liddiard written songs: The Radicalisation Of D was originally on his one and only solo album of 2010 and Penumbra was on The Drones’ Havilah album of 2008, you know?

Essential Tremors by New Weird Australia (Various Artists) so let’s call it comp album of this month, it’s curated by Angus Andrew of the Liars also was a very tiny three day fest in Sydney plus it’s a free download toooooo, if you don’t like paying for music? It’s just for you but all the acts are so obscure you’ll most likely never have heard of any of them before? File under: experimental and mainly electronic music, check it out if you dig that kind-of thing!

The Garden Path by Kamasi Washington can be the stand alone song of the almost gone month, as far as I know doesn’t have a video and throw in some Jazz for anyone who digs that kind-of thing? No word about a brand new album but we can hope, can’t we?

Video clip of month of March just has to go to Dark Mark & Skeleton Joe, only released a few days before Mark Lanegan passing away. Try very, very hard try NOT to be sad/cry while watching this double whammy/two songs in one vid, Traction / Manifesto which goes for about ten mins. BTW Skeleton Joe is Joe Cardamone from the band The Icarus Line, if don’t know?

Off course, it’s been pointed out else where the Dark Mark vs Skeleton Joe by Dark Mark & Skeleton Joe was/is his final album at the time of his death. Released late last year but somehow I missed it back then so included it here in this month blog post because it’s my easy the most listened to album this month. Rest in peace Mark Lanegan 😥

Runner-up vid of this month of March is …in ABSOLUTES by Kirin J Callinan but because of dumb age-restricted rules I can’t embedded it here. It’s just so bonkers but you couldn’t expected anything less from him with everyone’s painted blue or red for some reason? Filmed in part on a New Zealand beach, here’s a link to the video itself because everyone/anyone looking at my blog is off course under 18 year old so if you wanna watch/see it? It’s the first single/video for Callinan’s fourth full length studio album but no release date yet. If you’ve never heard of him? He’s now most likely more likely most well-known as Genesis Owusu guitar player on the huge epic album Smiling with No Teeth of last year, you know?

So bronze medal video clip for Winter Olympic Games in Beijing 2022 goes to… but looking way more like a fitness exercise workout vid and NOT much of music video. It’s Sharon Van Etten latest entitled Porta.

My covers bits of this month, has to got to Yoko Ono. It was her birthday in the last few weeks so a brand new VA tribute album was released, you know? Opening track is also by Sharon Van Etten doing epic version of Toyboat which has to be my own fave on the whole album, if you wanna know? This tribute album is entitled Ocean Child has acts like David Byrne, Yo La Tengo, The Flaming Lips etc. was produced by Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie.

Ending with kind-of reissue of this month: all lights fucked on the hairy amp drooling by Godspeed You! Black Emperor which is early 90’s demo tape, it’s a noise fest and half but if you like that kind-of thing or them, you’ll enjoy it!

Anyway that’s this month new-ish highlights according me, what did you think of them? I’ll try harder to post something else or more thingys next month but we’ll see, I guess?

So this is Christopher Coleman & The Great Escape, CC is centered in the middle, GR is just to his left and with MN kind-of hiding behind him but everyone else, I don’t know what their name’s are? Sorry to them!



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