End of the Month New Music list: Mar. 2022

Well it seems I’m only doing these posts this year! Making this only my third post of this year so here’s my chapter three of new stuff for this year as selected by me, if you wanna check it out?

The best release of March is going to Kauri Island by OV PAIN: who finally taking out top spot on my blog for this end of the month thingy! So I’ve featured them before here, well pretty much everything they’ve put out but if you’ve missed them before? They’re from Dunedin, New Zealand but now based in Melbourne, Australia and had released second album last year plus a few EPs and now comes this which is all instrumentals, I guess is more an EP which was recorded in C-19 lockdowns. After three months of 2022 I think, this is the best/my fave release of this year, so far!

Lost by Zola Jesus is the best new song of the month or maybe should I say, it’s the best song this year! It comes with that video clip just above which is also the opening track from her brand new album entitled ARKHON, out in May and is her first new one since 2017 so it’s been a very long wait!

Oxy Music by Alex Cameron has won album of this month but overall it’s a little/lot tooo same-y as his old stuff so it’s three down here in this blog post but I guess is still cool. I like it when artists do something a bit different on each release but some acts get a style and stick to it, maybe if you’ve never heard AC before, you might dig it more?

Runner-up album of this month goes to Made In Timeland by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, their 19th studio album. Some reason it’s only put out official on vinyl but off course someone else has uploaded to YouTube, it’s only a couple of songs long but both are 15 mins. long. Somehow I did get a copy on LP but by now is already totally sold out so you can’t really get it anywhere!

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have already made announcement for their 20th album entitled Omnium Gatherum which will be out by the end of April with the opening couple of tracks are out already, if you can’t keep up with them?

Plus also did a collaboration with or under Tropical Fuck Storm + King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard with Satanic Slumber Party who both make that silly video clip just above.

Also this came as a kind-of three parts/songs thingy with very short intro plus very long ending bit, you know?

Finally moving on to someone else now with, let’s say the soundtrack of this month goes to Ted K by Blanck Mass. Who’s Benjamin John Power which was half of English electronic music duo Fuck Buttons, do you remember them? To tell the truth I love them but haven’t really follow their solo projects but this is very wicked. The movie itself is yet another biopic about Ted Kaczynski aka The Unabomber starring Sharlto Copley in the lead, could be good even great movie but I’ve NOT seen it yet!

Including various artists comp album month of March is yet again from New Weird Australia, like last month but this time: it’s 28 tracks long and entitled Collapse Theories which once again it’s all obscure experimental electronic music type of thing, if you like that kind of stuff?

Also Pattern Language by Various Artists isn’t fully released until tomorrow, April’s Fools Day but sharing it today because you can listen to a couple of tracks already. One by Chris Abrahams from The Necks and recently that act called Springtime and the other one is by Jonnine (Standish) of HTRK which both are instrumentals but are very sweet, you know?

Reissue of the month: In My Own Time by Karen Dalton with the 50th Anniversary Edition, if you’ve never heard of her before? She would be easy one of the best folk singers of the 60’s/70’s, you know?

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis as a duo did finally release visuals to a song from The Bad Seeds last album Ghosteen of 2019 on late night American TV. That’s almost title track Ghosteen Speaks just above which comes from yet another doco about NC coming out in a couple of months time, entitled This Much I Know Is True. Also NC has a pre-order for brand new “conversation” book entitled Faith, Hope and Carnage.

Ending this month with an old song/vid of Shane Warne by Paul Kelly because off course, the old Aussie cricketer died earlier this month but PK wrote this song years earlier before he passed away so maybe he could write part 2 now or NOT? Rest in peace Shane Warne.

It’s the Ov Pain duo of Renee Barrance and Tim Player.

Cheers! 🙂


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