End of the Month New Music list: April/May 2022

OK, so it’s been a couple month since my last post because? Well, I don’t know why? Being slackass lazy blogger but this whole year has been pretty bad blogging because if you’ve NOT notices, I’ll tell you it’s only my fourth post of twenty-two! So I’m joining the last two months together because I totally missed this last month, sorry! Anyway here’s some new music I’ve been digging, you’ve might have missed or you might have heard these already?

We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong by Sharon Van Etten has win top spot for the last eight weeks or whatever it’s been since last time. Ten track LP came with no drip feed so the whole thing was release on the same day which I have to say right now, I’ll preferred if more artists did it that way! Yet another total prefect album by the wicked great SVE, I don’t rant things on my blog but if I did? I would give it highest score I could and can I say? It’s the best album of 2022, so far!

Death Is a Dream by HTRK is really just the demos of their last year album but you should know by now I love anything/everything released by them so it’s runner-up album in this post but please do check it out, if you haven’t yet?

Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising by Body Type after a few EPs and long wait this Sydney female band has finally put out their debut album and it does rock like a motherfucker, check it out if you’ve NOT yet!

Listen To The Water by Luke Steele that’s the bloke Empire of the Sun and The Sleepy Jackson etc. Finally going solo and I’ve always wanted him to do a more stripped down acoustic album so he’s finally done just that so I’ve got to included it here. Seems he’s getting less and less press with each new project/album but I think this one is well worth a listen!

Rotsler’s Rules by Black Cab I think, it’s been a few years since their last album but they’re finally back. It’s most likely the best electronic/electronica album of year in my opinion, I might be wrong but check it out yourself and see want you think?

Whatever The Weather by Whatever The Weather aka Loraine James. She did say something like it’s a bit more ambient that her normal music so might be some another reasons why it’s NOT under her own name but I forgotten now anyway it’s wicked cool so check it out, if you haven’t yet?

A Light for Attracting Attention by by The Smile so it’s Thom and Jonny from Radiohead which you most likely know because they’ve been drip feeding this album all year long so it’s finally out. I guess, it’s pretty great and have to included here but I don’t why isn’t just a Radiohead album? It’s NOT like it’s totally different to Radiohead or something but have to say something about it: something!

EP of the last couple of months can go to Le Piano by Donny Benet which is just all instrumentals tracks but it’s like wicked funky keyboards type of music so check it out!

BORSIGWERKE – The Complete Recordings of Alexander von Borsig by Alexander Hacke is the best reissue of the last couple of months. So that’s the German bassist from Einstürzende Neubauten but it’s before forming/joining that band as teenage back in early 80’s playing mainly synthesizers.

Ghost of Love by David Lynch with Imaginary Girl on the B-side on 7″ is the runner-up reissue. Both songs was in his Inland Empire movie from 2006 which is still is the very last movie he’d made, I don’t know why the whole soundtrack wasn’t just reissue because it’s pretty hard to find now, you know?

My fave stand alone track lately is It’s Just Your Style by Aasthma, who’s a Swedish duo featuring Jonnine of HTRK. Their debut album comes out in a couple of months entitled Arrival, linked if you wanna check out the other tracks available right now?

Best video clip can be Boltfor by Mogwai which is actually an out take from last years album but it’s pretty wicked epic for left overs and don’t know why it wasn’t just on that album, you know?

Runner video clip of the last couple can go to Macca The Mutt by Party Dozen featuring Nick Cave which doesn’t have him in the clip but it’s still pretty wicked cool. Party Dozen brand new album entitled The Real Work is out in a couple month time, you know?

Ending this post with Wood Dove by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis I should say it’s from various artists comp album called For the Birds: The Birdsong Project Vol. I which I did listen to the whole thing but I don’t if I will again? It’s like nearly 50 bird theme songs, google it if it sounds like more your thing?

OK, I could included more because it’s been soooooooo long since last time but I think, that’s the very best or sharing want I’ve been enjoying the most and it’s easy made up top fourteen, would anyone check out anymore? Maybe every couple months is a better way to do this new music post anyway? Hope you found something new to you that you enjoyed toooo?

It’s Shazza!

Cheers! 🙂



    1. Oh yeah, she’s still entertaining me tooooooo! It’s a couple of weeks till then so maybe doing two months together might have be a bad idea because it’s just tooooooooooo long in-between, want do you think? Anyway have a great weekend Kev 🙂


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