30 Day Song(s) Challenge, Day 1: Colour(s)

Orange by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (1994):

Yellow Dog by Ed Kuepper (2007):

Blood Red River by Beth Orton (1999):

Pink by Boris (2005):

Murderess In A Purple Dress by Scientists (1982):

Blue Hills by Jonnine (2020):

Green Machine by Kyuss (1992):

The Grey Leader by The Drones (2013):

Black by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (1999):

White Elephant by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis (2021):

OK, so that’s ten songs NOT just one song as the title implies but I couldn’t pick just one colour track, sorry NOT sorry! So you can pick one or just listen to all of them or none of them? So I’m adding: (s) to the end of a couple of word on the blog post name so totally changing the whole idea of this game or whatever it is? Just above is kind-of going around the colour wheel vaguely starting with one that’s just below showing all the 30 day song challenges, I’m kind-of making myself do as to try as to get back into blogging. Spell fucking checker please stop telling me I’m spelling the word “colour” wrong, it’s Australian English NOT American English or whatever it is?

Let’s see if I can do something for all these subjects/themes?
It’s the JSBX back in the mid-90’s!

Cheers! 🙂


    1. I guess, you’ve done the challenge before?
      So glad you agree about the spelling, it seems all computers are set in American and I never can find the settings to change them!


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