30 Day Song(s) Challenge, Day 2: Number(s)

007 A Fantasy Bond Theme by Barry Adamson (1992):

1 2 3 4 (Live) by Thrush & The Cunts (1979):

6″ Gold Blade by The Birthday Party (1982):

10% Weird by The Meanies (1994):

26 Milligrams by Venom P. Stinger (1988):

30 Century Man by Scott Walker (1969):

48 Brain Cells by Tumbleweed (1993):

50 Ft Queenie by PJ Harvey (1993):

99 Bottles by Pist Idiots (2017):

Butterfly 3000 by King Gizzards & The Lizard Wizard (2021):

Counting out ten more tracks today and hopefully putting them in the right order because I can’t count! I’ve seen these type of things before, you know: the 30 day song challenges but haven’t done any before so as trying to get back into blogging I’m give it a go but kind-of changing the whole idea the way I wanna do it, OK? Seeing it this time on the wicked prolific blogger ECLECTIC MUSIC LOVER so shout out to him for inspiring me to try and get back into it. Sorry, NOT much typing/reading going on these couple of posts but a it’s big pile of music to listen to, if you wanna?

It’s BA in the 80’s NOT the 90’s, you know?

Cheers! 🙂


  1. Hi, Thanks for the blog and great idea to get my friends to travel back in time and hopefully add something to recent music we listen to. Going to send your challenge out and see if they can be bothered. I live in hope.

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    1. Oh yeah, share it around with everyone you know if you wanna but it’s far from my challenge because I got it for someone else where he found somewhere else, he was saying it was the best because they’re a lot of these challenges online with different stuff for each day! I’m doing it all wrong by picking more that one song toooo, you know?


    1. Oh well, thank you again because it’s been so very quiet year on my blog but have been thinking about what to do or how to re-start but I guess, having a bit of a break has been good!

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