30 Day Song(s) Challenge, Day 7: Morning Drive

Drive By (Album) by The Necks (2003):

So your/my morning drive I’ve picked something a bit mellow as you/me could have just woke up? Get yourself a coffee, get in your car then press play! It’s going to have to be a very, very, very long morning drive because the album goes for one hour pretty much plus it’s only one very, very, very long song tooooo! If you’ve never heard of The Necks before? I’ve blogged them before so you might have seen/listen to them here but forget or something? They play Gangster Avant-Garde Jazz, well I made-up the gangster bit because of the song title but they’re Jazz or Avant-Garde or is what they’ve been labeled. I guess, it’s just three blokes who play instrumental music with drums (Tony Buck), bass (Lloyd Swanton) and piano (Chris Abrahams) mainly, who do very cool wicked music which I’m sharing with you today. If you really like it, you might wanna buy it? Linking where you can here. Most likely has nothing to do with driving anytime of the day but somehow I’m saying it works in this 30 day thingy, if I can?

No joke, this is the front cover artwork for this album!

Cheers! 🙂


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