30 Day Song(s) Challenge, Day 11: First Album I Owned

Antmusic by Adam & The Ants (1980):

Kings of the Wild Frontier (Deluxe Edition) by Adam & The Ants:

So I’ve told how I got hold of my very album before on my blog somewhere before? Don’t know if I need to tell it all over again? Nope! But briefly growing up in small Aussie country town in the 80’s you only had one shit radio station or TV show called Countdown once a week which was only all pop music so it did take a very long time discover to much better music eg. Punk, Indie etc. Anyway just above the the hit single video Antmusic plus the 39 track reissue of Kings of the Wild Frontier album, if anyone out there in their right mind wanna listen to it?

It’s A&TA doing their thing back in early 80’s!

Cheers! 🙂



    1. Oh well, i did post my fave Bon Jovi song today which is a bit later on but i was thinking Adam & The Ants wasn’t that good now but i guess, you are right and is “a hell of a first album to have!”
      Cheers mate 🙂

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  1. Hey! Very interesting story!
    When I grew up in the 70s in Eastgermany behind the wall, it was nearly the same. Good music was hard to get.
    I could not buy LPs of famous western Bands in the recordshop. So I collected songs from the radio on tape.
    On the black marked you could buy West LPs in very expensive way. One of the first LPs I was buying this way was Elvis MOODY BLUE.
    My very first Rock LP before Elvis was a eastgerman band PUHDYS. I don’t need them anymore. They grow to boring old furts to soon. And in the time before the wallfall they never risked a real rebellsong.
    So my very first record I bought and enjoy as long as I may live is the first record of LIFT.
    This Band we called OST-YES.
    Because they sounded like a crossover from Yes and Genesis in the 70s.

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    1. Cheers for sharing yours too, sorry to say I don’t know them? I guess, it’s kind-of interesting what was everyone’s first LP but like you’re saying after awhile you don’t need them anymore because everyone moves on to something better! 🙂

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