30 Day Song(s) Challenge, Day 12: Before Discovery Indie Music

Blaze Of Glory by Jon Bon Jovi (1990):

Hammerhead by James Reyne (1987):

Onion Skin by Boom Crash Opera (1989):

Heatseeker by AC/DC (1988):

Sorrow by Pink Floyd (1987):

I think, the theme today is something about “teenage music” or something for 30 day challenge and tomorrow’s theme is “getting better taste” or something? So I’ve turned these couple of posts into before and after discovering Indie stuff, thanks to Kurt Corbin destroying the mainstream which I was posted a couple of days ago. Everyone kind-of has forgotten these days what a big differences it was and when it happened, kids who missed it don’t really understand because they always had it and really can’t even image it! Trying to pick shit I got back just before and then just after for tomorrow’s post. So I guess, most likely growing-up in very shit small town didn’t help, if I was somewhere else? Anyway I don’t know if I can tell you what it was really like in a simple little blog post, if you weren’t a teenage back then!

JBJ Hollywood movie soundtrack album, he even had a cameo in the film getting shot and dropping dead!

Cheers! 🙂


  1. Hm. The Bon Jovi Hype was strange in the late 80s. I don’t get it at that time.
    But! Blaze of glory, man!
    I’ve seen the movie only one time, but I’liked it. And I liked the Music too. I bouhgt such a raw rider collar. And I weared it! I was in the age of 30, and for the last time in my life, I feld like a “Wild West Hero“(ELO).
    Thats NOT kindergardenmusic.
    “Blaze of gloooraaaaay!“ is a Anthem.
    But then came “Bed of Roses“ and my old Bon Jovi Problem returned.

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      1. Oh yeah, I still love Blaze of Glory song no matter what anyone else says and easy my fave Bon Jovi track! Cheers mate 🙂


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