End of the Month New Music list: June/July 2022

So I’m back again today with the last couple of months in new music! It’s what I’ve been enjoying the very most lately but it’s turned into a bit of a long one with a lot of stuff, just warning you to start with! Anyway have you heard of all these ones?

Arkhon by Zola Jesus has to be on the top spot this time around, it’s been a few years since her last album and I think it’s better than her last couple but maybe, it’s a bit early to say that? The opening song Lost was the lead single/video which worth price of administration, so check it out if you haven’t yet!

Isola by Cameron Deyell/Laurence Pike which as far as I can tell is pretty obscure or almost no one found out about it or maybe, no one cares but please do check it out! The duo is both member of the new-ist Liars line-up but sounding nothing at all like them. Pike is the drummer who’s released a couple of solo albums and did a few with a band called PVT/pivot and Deyell is an muti-instrumentalist who seems to have played with a lot other Aussie musos. It’s ten track instrumental music that’s pretty mellow so have a listen, if you can?

Searching For The Heart Of It All by Rob Snarski And His So-Called Friends that’s former 90’s Aussie band The Blackeyed Susans front-man. His kind-of next solo album, also a couple of years ago he was on The Friends Of David McComb album which old songs never recorded by the late great The Triffids main man. The duets are my faves and highlighting Give The Man A Coin with Gareth Liddiard (The Drones, TFS, Springtime) also pointing out it’s the only co-written track on this album.

Best TV series soundtrack: Black Bird by Mogwai is yet another wicked beautiful score from them is 23 tracks long and pretty epic to say the least. I haven’t one clue what the actually TV show Black Bird is about but guessing it’s set in a prison?

Best feature film soundtrack: Nope by Michael Abels I can’t wait for this movie so it’s NOT on in Australia until next month but I’ve already been listening the score. Most likely the best director or my fave of more recent times but by now it’s Jordan Peele‘s third film, you know? Non-score tracks included are a teenage Jodie Foster singing in French, Dionne Warwick’s Walk On By from 1964, This Is The Lost Generation by The Lost Generation of 1972. 80’s pop hit Sunglasses At Night by Corey Hart but it’s called the Jean Jacket Mix which seems to be the played at wrong speed and get slower and slower as it goes on. Actor Michael Wincott does Purple People Reader which seems to be just dialogue lifted from the movie and another old 70’s song Exuma, The Obeah Man by Exuma.

Lowercase by Bluetile Lounge is the best reissue this time around. Warning: This act has the next three in a row and these are really very, very, very long but they’re totally under rated band who I think anyone/everyone out there looking at this should have a listen toooo! So this one is their debut album, with vinyl reissues and as you can see/hear they’re now on bandcamp!

Runner-up reissue is the second album by Bluetile Lounge entitled Half Cut. So if know nothing about them? A bit of timeline: Lowercase was released in 1995 and then Half Cut was done in 1998. This is the very first time both albums are pressed onto vinyl, linking vinyl orders here, for some unknown reason both albums have totally brand new front cover artwork done by the bass player but I don’t know really why?

The stand alone track of the last couple of months has to be Easterly by Bluetile Lounge. So the comeback/reunion album is a step closer but no real word about when they’re releasing that, only one new song pretty much around the same time as the reissues but they did drop a demo recording of another song last year, you know?

Video clip of the last eight weeks or whatever it’s been? Is Weather Alive by Beth Orton, it’s been a long time between drinks for her. Got brand new eight track album dropping in Sept. the opening title track is just above, it’s seven mins. long so would her longest single ever!

Anna Calls From The Arctic by Dry Cleaning is one of couple tastes for their second album from, if you don’t remember DC won my fave album of last year! Stumpwork is the brand new albums title, coming in Oct. has eleven tracks so I can’t wait but that seems very, very long away!

Pressure In My Chest by Indigo Sparke which lead cut from her second LP entitled Hysteria which also out in Oct. tooooo! I really loved her debut of last year as well, you know? Once again tooo long away but hopefully worth the wait?

Minimalist by Thomy Sloane is going to be the debut solo album by Bisspiss front-man which very little is online about it, mainly the record label says in one spot says it was suppose out this month but another place say next month, just guessing wasn’t happening yet but might be wrong? Both these sound nothing at all like his band Batpiss but that’s a couple of video clips above for Winter and The Blizzard.

Third Place by My Disco is the closing track from Alter Schwede album which put out late last year but just have to included it here because it’s got a video now!

Also new video for Headspace by Sharon Van Etten from We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong which was only released more recently and really have to say I think, I would still call it: album of this year, well at least for me!

Best new cover of the last bit of time: Ann by Tropical Fuck Storm originally by The Stooges in 1969. I think you can get a copy next month on 7″ vinyl but TFS have playing it live at all their gigs this year, most likely at all up coming shows tooo! America and Euro tours are booked for the next few months so get your tickets everyone who’s over there!

Demos Vol. 3 + Vol. 4 by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard it’s 26 more raw recordings by Gizz following up from the first pile of demos of a couple of years ago. Highlight here would be closing track: The Dripping Tap. I think, this is the original recording with Tropical Fuck Storm? Earlier this year they put out it as lead single for their new album Omnium Gatherum but pretty much at the very same time TFS + KG&TLW dropped Satanic Slumber Party which is a re-working of that every same song but at that time I was asking where was the original recording? Here it is, so you really can’t really hear Stu’s vox plus music is a big mess most of the time but I think, it’s better than both studio recordings!

Seven Psalms by Nick Cave is a kind-of solo spoken word EP on limited edition 10″ vinyl you can buy from Cave Things website, linked here. As the title implies it’s very heavily religions theme so maybe a bit too much for me but it’s Mr. Cave so have to included today. The music itself is by him and Warren Ellis, yet again. It was recorded at the very same time as their Carnage album of last year also easy follows in the foot steps of Ghosteen but all these releases are now getting tooo samey for my liking!

Oh well, that’s very, very, very long post this time with how many? So doing a couple of months together isn’t a good idea! But hopefully with all that, it will keeps you out of trouble for awhile?

It’s Nika Roza Danilova which her real name or was born as Nicole Rose Hummel but that’s ZJ, you know?

Cheers! 🙂


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