30 Day Song(s) Challenge, Day 22: Obscure Genre

A Colour For Autumn by Lawrence English (2009 album):

Material Interstices by HEXA (2021 album):

Eternal Stalker by Merzbow & Lawrence English (2022 album):

I’ve picked an obscure music genre sometime known as “lowercase” which is simply minimal or ambient music slowed down to a snail’s pace! For some mad reason I’ve included three full length albums today so going a little overbroad for this theme in the 30 day thingy! God knows if anyone else out there wants to listen to all these album toooo? It’s mostly likely something you’ve notices me posting music like this on my little blog before or something like it? All three albums above are by Lawrence English from Brisbane, Australia. A Colour For Autumn is his 2009 solo album which as far as I can tell, his most popular one. Material Interstices is from only last year which HEXA is LE and Jamie Stewart of American indie band Xiu Xiu, sounding nothing like them. Ending with an album for earlier this year, Lawrence with Japanese noise pioneer Masami Akita aka Merzbow. Love to know if anyone out there listened to all three?

It’s LE in the shadows!

Cheers! 🙂



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