30 Day Song(s) Challenge, Day 23: Story

The Puzzleman by Storytime (1994 album):

So that’s yet another full album today after those three yesterday! This time from an Instrumental rock band from Perth, Western Australia who were active throughout the 1990’s and then reformed in 2010’s. It’s Storytime’s one and only 90’s album but did have a couple of EPs before this album, you know? 30 day thingy was suppose to be something like “telling a story or part of a story” but as you can tell I’ve just picked an act with the word “story” in their band-name, who don’t have a singer so doesn’t have any words in any of their songs. It’s guitar, bass and drums who’re playing heavy or hard rock style. Once again, like pretty much all these 30 day things it’s the first thing I think of! Moving up to Perth in late teens, I remember these blokes at that time, seen them again when they got back together. Should have posted them before but it seem it’s the very first time I’m blogging about them here on my little blog. They were a killer live band back in the day, streaming them you might NOT get the full impact? They’re pretty obscurer too but I do hope you enjoy them, if you press play!

It’s the front cover artwork of ST album, you know?

Cheers! 🙂


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