End of the Month New Music list: Sept. 2022

OK, it’s my one and only blog post of this month and on the very last day for my recommends of new music! Seems like now the one and only thing I blog about anymore, haven’t really got back into blogging more but anyway, you all know the drill be now! Unless you’re new here?

Weather Alive by Beth Orton just has to be the album of this month, could be one of her very finest ever! English singer-songwriter’s eighth and is self-produced, her last was way back in 2016 so long time in-between but very much well worth the wait:

Black Mamba by DOG Power is the second and seems to be the final album by this New Zealand duo, who have parted ways since recording this album. Really enjoyed their debut album and both are doing solo projects now but very wicked they’ve still released this:

Wilderness of Mirrors by The Black Angels Austin, Texas indie rock group are back after their singer had a solo album a couple years ago and band themselves being away for a few years:

Live at Sydney Opera House 2022 by HTRK a bit different for a live album because the venue is totally empty/no crowd. Playing mainly songs for last year’s album Rhinestones plus a couple of older tracks around halfway point but love them so I just have to share it here:

Or you could just watch them/it on YouTube:

Do You Need To Do Wee Wees by Jonnine is the stand alone track of this month, that’s HTRK singer doing her solo thing again with a very short track for her doggy:

Agua Por Favor by Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport is the big huge reunion of this month with a couple of brand new songs released on 7″ vinyl after something like 40 years away:

Dazzling by Adalita is the video clip of this month because it’s getting close to being ten years since Magic Dirt front-woman last solo album but finally it’s coming, her third solo album entitled Inland is going to be released on Dec. 2nd:

Ice V by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard they’re back with this ten mins. long video/song and even more new music next month with NOT just one, NOT just two but three brand new albums:

Cover song of the month is Words and Guitar by Courtney Barnett, original by Sleater-Kinney:

Dahmer (Soundtrack) by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis is the first of two scores released in one month by them. So both are for Netflix and this one a TV series and the next is a movie which both are based on very famous but very different Americans. So biopics and I don’t really need to tell you who they’re? This one off course, is the darker/scary sounding in tone/mood just by listening to it because I’ve NOT seen/watch neither show or movie yet!

Blonde (Soundtrack) by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis the second of two scores in just one month. Have to say this one a bit less original because seems somewhat just recycling a lot or at least some parts of the music from Bad Seeds album Ghosteen of 2019 or overall going for that very same vibe but just without Cave singing his lyrics. Everyone did loved that album so why NOT use it for a movie score plus could work very well in the movie itself? Once again, it’s all very samey from them but I’m still going to included it here:

OK, let’s ended with soundtracks and forget about reissues this month because these posts were just getting toooooo long so trying to keep it on the shorter side this time! Mostly it’s pretty mellow stuff for the last four weeks but hope you dig something or maybe even all of it, if you press play?

It’s Beth on a beach somewhere?

Cheers! 🙂

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