It’s just me, my name is William writing mainly just about music I totally love and dig. Really nothing here is not something I don’t love or like. So I’m not really a music critic or reviewer and don’t want to be one too!

I’m dyslexia so posts are just full of typos which will be hopefully edited out all the time because I just don’t see the mistakes sometimes. Sorry, if it’s a bit of a mess but try not to post them before fixing them, I do post things that I think are right but look at it again and then see something wrong. I hopefully with get better at it over time because that’s the real point of this blog. Nobody’s helping me with it too, you know?

The blog title A Thousand Mistakes is a line from a song by the Aussie band called The Drones from the track named I Don’t Ever Want To Change and is one of my all-time faves. I figure it the blog is full of mistakes too, could be a big mess but I’m trying to get the writing better which is the main point of the blog, I guess. God knows if I am, most likely not!

I try and post something every day or maybe just hope to do so because it hasn’t happened, so far. I’ve got a few titles/tags that I post under on my blog which are just some of them:

Classic Albums (my favorite albums that I consider stone cold classics)

Wicked Songs (new and old tracks that I think are just pretty wicked)

Cover Versions (well, covers songs that are cool and really I do love)

 New Music (should be just new albums/records that I’m enjoying right now)

Shall Be Released (upcoming releases that I’m really looking forward too)

 Live Gigs (shows that was really great and wanted to share here)

Playlist (well, it’s just lists of tracks you can play off course)

Remembering (music artists that have just passed away)

 If you really need to email for some mad reason, contact me here: williamwernham@gmail.com

Cheers for reading and looking!