Hello and welcome to my blog. It’s just me here on this blog, my name is William. I’m writing mainly just about music here, that I totally love and dig so it’s just a music blog. Really nothing here is not something I don’t love or like. So I’m not really a music critic or reviewer or whatever and don’t want to be one too!

I’m dyslexia so posts are just full of typos which will be hopefully edited out all the time because I just don’t see the mistakes sometimes. Sorry, if it’s a bit of a mess but try not to post them before fixing them, I do post things that I think are right but look at it again and then see something wrong. I hopefully with get better at it over time because that’s the real point of this blog. Nobody’s helping me with it too, you know?

The blog title A1000Mistakes or in words with gaps: A Thousand Mistakes is just a line from a fave song by the Aussie band called The Drones from the track named I Don’t Ever Want To Change. I figure this blog is full of mistakes too, could be a big mess but I’m trying to get the writing better which is the main point of the blog, I guess. God knows if I am, most likely not!

OK, updating this again today, a day in March 2019 as a bit of a plan from now on. I did what to try and blog everyday something but after three/four years blogging I’ve got only got a couple months’s every day done so it’s very hard to do that. A few times is way more likely but at this point I’ll say I will try very, very loosely to keep to this plan.

Playlist is just a list of songs you can play like last year I’ve done yearly Where I Was In… playlists of fave songs from the years 2005 back to 1955.

 Top Ten Tracks is just one artist/act/band now every Sunday with my own hand-picked fave ten tracks. I did do this tag awhile back with albums but it’s just songs now.

 Live Gigs are just shows that were really great and I enjoyed them so much. Mainly latest ones but I might start posting and try remembering old ones too now.

Classic Albums is just my favorite albums of all-time which now at numbered well over one-hundred and more are coming.

Great Art are a new set of post this year which are just some of my fave visual artists artworks with one song kind-of related to the artwork tagged on the end.

 If you really need to email for some mad reason, contact me here: williamwernham@gmail.com

Cheers 🙂