Mojo’s 100 Cult Heroes: 8th Ten

The Shaggs –  My Pal Foot Foot

The United States Of America – Love Song For The Dead Che

The Sonics – The Witch

The Blue Nile – Seven A.M.

Silver Apples – You and I

Billy Stewart – Secret Love

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Alligator Wine

Roy Harper – Naked Flame

David Axelrod – The Edge

The Dream Syndicate – Halloween

What about these ten? Any comments about them?

Any kind-of cult music list wouldn’t be right without Screamin’ Jay Hawkins!

Cheers 🙂


  1. Hi William,
    Loads of interesting stuff here, including a couple I’m familiar with:

    I first heard Screamin’ Jay Hawkins in Jim Jarmusch’s film Stranger Than Paradise (1984) when the cool Hungarian girl Eva flies out of the Iron Curtain and arrives grim 80s New Jersey carrying a portable cassette player, playing SJH’s I Put a Spell On You – a fabulous scene – I went and bought an SJH record after that. A great talent!

    The other cult guy I was even more into was Roy Harper, whom I first heard at a friend’s place in Newcastle when he was at Art School. I liked him very much, though his records were hard to find for years – I only had the album Flat Baroque and Berserk, from which the song I Hate the White Man is the standout song. My friend had your pictured album Bullinamingvase .

    Billy Stewart and The Dream Syndicate are pretty good too.

    Thanks for putting these lists together. I’ll go back and try to catch up. Cheers

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    1. No problems, glad you’ve enjoy these posts! 🙂 Oh yeah, i love JJ’s films, did you hear his next one is a comedy zombie one starring Adam Driver and Chloë Sevigny? Cheers again!


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