Great Art: Howard Arkley’s The Ritual painting of 1986

OK, to another painter/artist I’ve posted before but it was in way back in January which does seem like a very long time ago now. That Jan Howard post was all about his Nick Cave portraits or studies and can be found linked here.

Today’s painting doesn’t really fit with all his other paintings, it’s his daily “ritual” of shooting up heroin in mid-80’s. Can be filed under yet another artist doing drugs which I seem to like posting on my blog of some reason? Off course Arkley died in 1999 of an OD. Do I need to say/type anymore? But has been said : “Since Arkley’s death, most commentators have interpreted this painting – perhaps inevitably – as a directly autobiographical if not confessional work.” It is synthetic polymer paint on canvas which is basically the paint you use with air-brush as Howard used to paint with.

The Ritual, 1986

Today’s song I’ve picked to go with with art work/painting is trash metal band Testament title track their fifth album of 1992 which is way more slower and melodic than ever before and has the very same title as above, enjoy!

Cheers 🙂

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