Live Gigs: Crime & the City Solution 2013 @ ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror Fest and Hi-Fi Bar Melbourne

It’s flashback gig again after yesterday’s one! I can’t find much at all about it, if anything at all but I’m going to blog about it anyway! Kind-of following but it’s in the wrong really because this one was in-between the Saturday/Sunday ATP fest and the Tuesday’s night Einstürzende Neubauten gig which I did blogged yesterday. So on the Monday night Crime & the City Solution played at the Hi-Fi Bar in Mel-town. This is underrated Aussie singer-songwriter Simon Bonney’s band, if you’ve never heard of him? A very short background is: he started in Sydney in late-70’s punk explosion, in most of the 80’s he/them were based in Berlin, Germany but he when solo in the early 90’s but for most of 2000’s musically he was very quite and then this was the one and only “reunion” with his old band, at least so far! I’ve blogged about them before too, you know? Well, if you’ve be following/reading/listening to this little music blog of mine!

The brand new album at the time entitled American Twilight wasn’t even out for another month or so at that time but off course, I remember the setlist was very heavy with those new songs but I can’t find the setlists anyway? Bonney was living/working in Detroit for all of 2012 hence the album title, playing live in America also Euro tour and recording taken place in April of that year. It was a total new band line-up with Einstürzende Neubauten’s Alexander Hacke played bass and Dirty Three’s Jim White on drums etc. More recordings for a second album with this Crime & the City Solution line-up did take place but nothing of that has ever been released, so far!

At the Melbourne Hi-Fi show the very old member Mick Harvey re-joined the band at least live on stage with his guitar for one old song called Rose Blue. If anyone out there have the setlist please do let me know? This is very interesting to me and worth blogging about just for the fact or because in the end this was the only the promo, tour or anything for the album American Twilight, everything after this Aussie tour got cancelled! Nothing has been heard from Crime & the City Solution since then too. Simon Bonney last year did release a Scott Walker cover of Duchess with a comp of old solo stuff plus toured belief oversea but not in Australia and as far as I could find out he’s now living in Thailand. Emending his Duchess cover just below but they DIDN’T play that live at these shows, I just really love it!

The flyer/poster below of the Aussie tour playing all three Hi-Fi bars on the east coast with support by Sleepy Sun, who did play on the Saturday ATP fest date. Worth to note the Aussie band called New War also played that Monday night in opening slot who also did play the Saturday ATP fest, also the self-titled New War debut album was release overseas on the ATP record label. I did blog the ATP fest Sunday before linked here and Saturday is linked here too! C&TCS then new album is at the very top and also embedding the couple of support bands albums at the time:

C&TCS Aussie tour flyer/poster, also minus the ATP date!
SB singing @ ATP
Alexander Hacke playing with C&TCS @ ATP

I might, next go back to some more mid-90’s Sydney shows for my flashback live gigs posts sometime sooner or later, OK?

Cheers! 🙂


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