Remembering: Earl Smith, Jr + Wicked Songs: Acid Tracks by Phuture

I’ve just got to write something about this sad news from last Wednesday of Earl Smith, Jr passed away aka Spanky from Phuture. Did you know these guys pretty much created Acid House? And in turn created House Music, Raves, Techno and a whole sub-culture that if you love it or hate it, it’s so important to music in general and the 90’s too. God, I can’t image that decade without it, it’s like the 70’s without David Bowie or the 80’s without Prince, you know what I’m talking about? I can’t believe how little has been write about him and them in the pass week, unbelievable really. So I’m going to have a go at it myself, last week on the day I heard I got out and played my old dance music records and have been doing so all week but I didn’t know how or what I could possibly say or write about it here on my blog thingy. I wrote about these others guys who passed away earlier this year so I’m going write about him today and them, the music they help create, I love all music and maybe I even love this style a little more that a few others so it should be left out just because it doesn’t have singer and lyrics or whatever it is. Is this post just going to be me talking myself into writing about it?

So here’s what I know! Way back in the mid 80’s in Chicago these three guys Spanky, DJ Pierre and Herbert ‘Herb J’ Jackson got hold of then brand new Roland TB-303 synthesizer from Japan and started making the music and playing sets in underground clubs too. One of the first tracks they did together was an early version of the above track, then called In Your Mind but then re-cutting with the producer Marshall Jefferson so the song was re-named Acid Tracks. They’re a few other records around this time that claim to be the very first Acid House so maybe this post can be part one of a few of these songs, all of them are great listening. So this 12″ vinyl single was original for 1986 but then officially released 1987 for the international release on Trax Records, don’t get the label and title mixed up but I guess depending where you look it does happens but it’s the same track, you know?


Earl Smith, Jr aka Spanky is front and centre in the above image with the other guys from Phuture, DJ Pierre (on the right) leave in the 90’s but return in 2014 for a reunion. This news last week of his passing follows a stroke earlier this year but nothing is still confirmed about his death. DJ Pierre has said he with continue to perform under Phuture name and none of the shows/tour booked before Spanky passing will be canned, bless!


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