Cover Versions: My 5 Fave The Triffids Covers

So it’s going to be a week of The Triffids soon or just so far at least the last three days of them. Now today I’ve got to post my five most fave covers of their songs played by other artists/bands. Off course all of the songs are written by the late great David McComb. Five Aussies, two of them doing a duet and one American band below.

Originally the first two songs are from the album I wrote yesterday about In The Pines album, Wide Open Road has got to be their most well known song/single from Born Sandy Devotional album, Beautiful Waste was a stand alone single from 1984 and Raining Pleasure was the title track from 1984 E.P. or mini album from 84 to.

Ben Salter – Suntrapper

Okkervil River – One Soul Less On Your Fiery List

The Panics – Wide Open Road

Youth Group – Beautiful Waste

Paul Kelly & Sally Seltmann – Raining Pleasure

After the other day of having the old 60’s movie poster, today main image is first edition cover of the 1953 novel The Day Of The Triffids by John Wyndham. Which seems like the right thing to go with cover songs somehow.


So have I miss any covers of The Triffids tracks? Why not add them below if you do know any? Cheers!

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