Wicked Songs: Five Perth Tracks

So that’s my hometown and here are 5 tracks that have this city name in the song titles. Is this just a tourist ad in form of blog post?

Two very well know indie American acts and one indie singer-songwriter from Melbourne and two local Perfff acts that I think are pretty well known! I was writing a fave singer-songwriter just a week or two back and say he’s included Perth in his lyric even if he from America and rarely tours here so maybe I could do track with Perth lyrics at a later date, sometime? If I can come up with anyone other than him. Maybe, I’ve missed some other Perth songs? But here’s five I know, now:

Bon IverPerth I think if I remember he was more naming the song after the city because the break thorough with his writers block happen here while touring.

PavementI Love Perth I even seen them play live here back in the 90’s when just before the set the drummer came running out topless with big black letters painted on his chest WE LOVE PERTH jump of the stage and group hugging almost everyone.

Alex LaheyPerth Traumatic Stress Disorder is one of the latest and greatest Aussie singer-songwriter who included this track on her debut album from last year.

Abbe MayPerth Girls is from her album from a few years back now and that came with video clip that’s a throw back to 80’s Robert Palmer which I just have use today.

The VictimsPerth Is A Culture Shock ending with late 70’s punk band who is singer-guitarist Dave Faulkner and drummer James Barker who would go on to form Hoodoo Gurus in a couple of years.

Mojo’ Bar is one of the longest running live music venue which is actually in Fremantle, oops!   

 What about your hometown now, does it have a song or two about it?

Cheers 🙂


  1. ‘Melbourne’ by The Whitlams, ‘Leaps and Bounds’ by Paul Kelly, ‘Sunbury ’97’ by The Fauves, ‘Depreston’ by Courtney Barnett…plus so many more about the great Melbourne-town! I’m sure there are many about Geelong but I can’t think of any atm! Surely Magic Dirt has at least ten!! =)

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