Live Gigs: City Limits Perth 2019 @ Badlands’ Carpark

To start with this flyer/poster is a total realize view of a music fest in Perth, W.A. It’s actually a photo taken from Badlands’ carpark, that’s me dressed-up a staving dingo or that’s an Aussie native dog that doesn’t eat baby’s and the stage is behind me in the background under that power pole but you can’t see it. Yeah, it’s pretty much a waste land of nothing and hopelessness but maybe I should be nicer to my hometown? Nope, fuck that! It is a shit hole! I think they’re naming this after the one from Austin, Texas and don’t ask me why? I have no clue why at all? It’s the third one too now someone told me! Nope, I’m telling lies it was totally packed out but a carpark in Perth summer is not very clever place but then again everyone else is trying the best to shut down live music so it’s wicked they have it in reality!


This is the opening date of TFS 2019 March Aussie tour, it’s a no brainier for me but if you’ve not got your tickets WTF are you doing here reading this shit for? Go and get your tickets or are they all sold out by now? I don’t know? Don’t ask me but everyone should see this band live and if you’ve still not listen to them yet? I’m embedding last year wicked album plus the cover version of Lost Animal’s Lose The Baby which make up the setlist minus a couple from that album on the weekend. They’re touring UK and Euro in May/June so check out those tickets, if you are there!


Anyway some other bands did also played, let’s type something about them too! Running backwards from main headlining act and all are Aussie acts who are:

Regurgitator and the next two bands down are all from from Brisbane, Queensland. Brand new album out last year but also playing older 90’s tracks like one of my faves Kong Foo Sing, I think it was half and half new and old but was well drunk by this point so glad I catch them again here!

DZ Deathrays is a newer band but is the only act I totally missed because I was talking to other TFS fans waiting for them to start inside but I couldn’t be bother to walk outside again. Here’s last years’ new album by them, if you wanna listen anyway?

Custard the band is another 90’s act and they kind-off have to play the song Music Is Crap because the lyrics are “those shoes you bought in Perth” and it’s so cool seeing them again and great they’ve reformed too!

Abbe May is the biggest local Perth artist on the bill but I guess both Gaz and Fi from TFS are originally from here but now based over east. Anyway May did play totally brand new songs but still seem to like KARMAGEDDON the best, most likely my fave by her and off course she’s bloody great live!

FOAM the band with caps lock on are bloody great live! I think it would be this act or the next one as my faves on Saturday, well after TFS but maybe not the the bigger names on the bill! Check them out!

NEW TALK the band with caps lock on are bloody great live too! I think it would be this act or the one above as my faves on Saturday, well after TFS but maybe not the the bigger names on the bill! So check them out too!

Turnstyle is yet another 90’s reunion band back for another go around, pun intend and so great seeing them live again now!

Good Doogs are for Mandurah which is a little different from Perth but really now it’s just another southern suburb. They seem to win fans support too with Merch in the crowd or maybe like one their song’s Nothing To Do in Mandurah/Perth today so by a t-shirt or something? But they were bloody great!

Please don’t called your new band/project XIII because it’s almost like the next Tom Cruise sequel which he even breaks his leg again trying to find them online! It’s Dan Sanders from Gyroscope new thing, this was the first gig and love them too!

Flossy were on early outside and Holiday song was released in Jan. 2019, they’re cool live!

Tether is the first band on the inside stage, demo track released last year, look so bloody young makes me feel old but they’re cool live!

Cellophane, the opening band and outside in the carpark, missing the start of the set but this EP was released back in 2017, they’re cool live too!

Getting there around three o’clock or just really bloody early but I don’t know why? But I always do somehow! I guess I did see something of almost every single act, if that counts for something? This would be the best my Aussie summer fest gig this year! I will try a write more about gigs a little now on my blog because after this I remember live music is really great wicked, if I’ve somehow forgotten that and everyone really should support bands you love when they’re playing live, you know?


Cheers 🙂



    1. WOW! you got to see KW live? So did he blow your mind? like he did when i got to see him! i bet he was bloody good, wicked cool!
      Cheers Elaine 🙂


    1. Oh, well it’s here forever now so no rush, just take your time, if you want to? All are Aussie acts so i guess it’s no big surprise you’ve not heard them but i think TFS are planning an USA tour later in this year at some point but nothing confirmed just yet!
      Cheers yet again Marilyn 🙂

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