Live Gigs: Jambanai + Gold Class @ PIAF Festival Gardens

So this has been the coolest gig this month, I seem only to blog about live shows once a month now. The double bill was for PIAF 2017 has also been best at Perth Fest this year, well for me and just in my opinion.

This festival sets up stage somewhere in the city over the recent years for about month or so of night time gigs. This time it’s in the somewhat new-ist Eliz Queys. The state gov spend NOT a small sum of money to dig a big hole in the middle of the CBD even if we have the swan river right next to it. Then again the whole city of Perth was build on top of a swamp in the first place, you know? Anyway to the gig…

Jambanai were and are the best oversea band I’ll seen for a very long time so I’ve just got to blog about today after yesterday’s night show. So you never heard of them, Jambanai are from Seoul, South Korea which then fuse traditional South Korean instrumentation with total unorthodox heaviness in the style of post-rock. The three main member as shown in the photo below plus drummer and bass player, center in the pic Lee Il-woo on electric guitar, piri, taepyeongso, vocals and he was in middle of the stage last night played. Then on the side of stage where I watching them from was Sim Eun-yong playing geomungo which is a very long string instrument, playing crossed legged on the floor and is unlike anything I can really think of in modern western music. Then on side was Kim Bo-mi playing haegeum, somewhat maybe violin type instrument which sat in her lap. Along with guitar, bass and drums makes the most amazing music, live it’s incredible. Please have listen to the album above but if they come to your town you got to see them to believe them!

Once again no photos of the show because I totally forgot my phone last night, not that I ever taken pic at gigs anyway!

I guess you call them the support band, Gold Class from Melbourne but playing their first very gig in Perth. I’ve seen before opening last year’s Golden Plains over east, with new and second album in the works now but word from the month of guitar player, it’s June/July later this year release date. It’s like road testing all these new songs last night and mid-year new album can’t come sooner, brilliant live set. Kids On Fire single played earlier in the night and then closing the set with epic single Life As A Gun from the debut album, It’s You.

Both band could have played longer sets would be the only thing to say bad about the night, could have all night and I wouldn’t have complained at all!

Jambanai in Perth just after the show photo, not taken by me just from their facebook page!


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