Top Ten Tracks: Patti Smith

So I did say last week some punks and the ultimate punk rocker or at least to me is Patti Smith! How about you? Maybe she more prototype punk but anyway a great artist to do this week. After two weeks posting the first of 2019 my top ten tracks on a Tuesday I’ve moved it back to a Monday this week which I think is the day I ended up doing almost all these set of posts on last year. I’ll try and keep it the some day and not change because got a few planned. Well, basically any punk I can think of is coming for the next few weeks or month and more.

Like almost all this set of posts I can’t be bother to intro the artist correctly with bio or facts or anything about the artist/act because I figure readers hopefully at least know the name/s and mostly mixing-up my fave songs of the hit singles, less well-known albums tracks and maybe even a cover but none with this post. Well, that’s what I’ve been doing if your new here or not check it out before? Anyway punk music is pretty my fave style and then slipping into post-punk too so we’ll see how much punk music or punk icons I’ll do before moving on to something different?

Here’s my fave Smith songs by the years early to late so NOT ranted/numbered in anyway…

Piss Factory – B-side single (1974)

Birdland – Horses (1975)

Free Money – Horses (1975)

ElegieHorses (1975)

Pissing In A River – Radio Ethiopia (1976)

Pumping (My Heart) – Radio Ethiopia (1976)

Babelogue/Rock N Roll Nigger – Easter (1978)

Dancing Barefoot – Wave (1979)

People Have The Power –  Dream of Life  (1988)

About A Boy – Gone Again (1996)

So that’s 1974 to 1996 will eight from her 70’s and then one each from 80’s and 90’s but none of her newer stuff but I think these ones are just too strong songs, well at least for me. Three from her Horses album but maybe you could say a couple of the lesser well-known ones? I did write a whole blog post about my love of that album at while ago plus she would have popped up in some others posts, here’s the Patti Smith tag! Most likely not the last time blogging about her too!

Smith in 1977!

Please do feel free to name your own PS fave songs, below?

Cheers 🙂


    1. Oh yeah that cover album was pretty good! she toured here around that time and The Drones were her support band then so Patti invited then on stage with her to do that Nirvana cover, i do have a recording of that somewhere? it was at the Sydney Opera House was much more nosier and longer than the album version! Anyway cheers Steve again! 🙂

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