What I’ve Been Listening to in April 2019

It’s part four of this year in music by me!

It’s be well over ten years since the last Portishead album but at the start of this month Beth Gibbions’ solo was released! Unlike any solo from any band members or for that matter any going solo album I can think of? Because she gone total 21st century classical and learning Polish plus she could be standing on her head and balancing plate on her toes or other impossible acts too! This has not left the old fashion stereo since getting it, I don’t want to over hype to you if you don’t like it but I might have album of the year right here! The full long-winded title is Henryk Górecki: Symphony No. 3 (Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs) by Beth Gibbons, Krzysztof Penderecki and Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.

It really does wipe-out everything else because I can’t even think what I did listen to after listening but I did listen too other stuff! OK, off course I did over the Easter long weekend watch the free full steaming of Distant Sky – Live in Copenhagen film so here are the four songs on YouTube now.


Let’s change pace to King Gizz next, who have just a few days dropped a new nine track album Fishing For Fishes also a non-album single Planet B sometime before that. I’ve also finally made-up my mind of the five albums in 2017 they released it’s the Gumboot Soup album is my fave, it’s just taken me another 12 months or more to finally say so. Gumboot Soup album was the last one and dropped on new year’s eve and it was very nice listen new music then because no one releases it at that time of the year, unless your King Gizz! But with the throw-away sounding album title like it’s just the leftovers of the four others or something but it’s better than them, in my little opinion it’s the best! The new single Planet B has just out metal every metal band this year and with maybe wins the craziest oddest King Gizz video clip ever too! Fishing For Fishes album is most likely to early to tell for me, you know I was talking what they released in 2017?

So I would have listened more than just these three acts this past month but I’ll those would the main ones, if anyone wanted know? With the 2017 King Gizz five albums, I also did revisiting all the older Bad Seeds and Portishead albums plus I’m not counting everything I did already blog about. Here’s one more to finish on that got hammered this April for, I don’t know why reason? But the very under-rated Lou Reed 1979 The Bells album, if you’ve not heard it or something? Please do have a listen!

As I was saying in the last post I’m going to give blogging a break for a little while so at this point I don’t know if I’ll be doing May version of this? Maybe once a month type of thing would cool, I don’t know?

Beth could have just won my whole 2019 or is it just too early to say?

Cheers 🙂


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