Great Art: Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles of 1952

OK, here’s an artist not yet covered in my kind-of art gallery blog posts and my two cents about it! For those non-Aussie readers of my little blog, you might know or not know? The well-known or some what famous tale of when in 1973 the National Gallery of Australia and then Aussie government signing off to buy the painting entitled Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock which he paint back in 1952. The masses of Aussie people along with the mainstream media labeled it something not very nice which I will not repeat on my blog today. Because basically they really didn’t understand it plus then they ask why they the taxpayers had payed so much for it? Now in hindsight, you could say all those masses of people complained and also media who egged them on are not that smart which is me putting nicely. Now Blues Poles painting is worth some unnamed millions of dollars or almost priceless? BTW it did over the years very easy made the money back for the Aussie people, if you want to know? Maybe, I could say today it proves how the mainstream masses can be so totally wrong when confronted with something they just don’t understand at all?

 Blues Poles is or was also known as Number 11. It’s oil, enamel, aluminium paint, glass on canvas. I would included cigarette ash because he always chain smoked while painting and dropped it onto all his paintings. Sorry I’ve really say anything about Pollock himself, maybe next time but here’s Wikipedia link for you, if you need it know more?

Blues Poles, 1952
Detail on the bottom left with Pollock’s signature and date, note he’s painted over the 2 into 3 but all art history book date it as 1952.
Another detail because I love looking at this painting close-up. These detail photos are by blogger Annette are the best I can find on online, linked here.
The former Aussie PM Gough Whitlam standing proudly with Blues Poles in 1999.

Lucky today, not just one song but a whole album! If you want to listen too Blue Poles by Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders, released mid last year was the third Dreamlanders’ and the fifth by Jack.

I know, I did blog post about them yesterday but if you’ve not got time for a whole album or something? Here’s the song called Gough by West Thebarton:

Cheers 🙂

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