Soundtrack Songs: The Handmaid’s Tale S1 E7 The Other Side

Only a couple of tracks in today’s episode:

Sweet Baby James by James Taylor

End scene into the credits is Nothing Is Gonna Hurt You Baby by Cigarettes After Sex

Let’s see from now on, if I can remember some dialogue from each episode right?

The Other Side
“Let me show you something… every town has one of these in it!”



  1. Cigarettes after sex…hands down the best band name ever for this sort of smokey, sexy, dive bar sort of vibe the song has. It’s the kind of song to kiss someone in the dark to…Ioved this whole album it’s just superb

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      1. I made a post to come out on Valentine’s Day which is about songs that are sexy and dark..but not corney like most Valentine’s day or most romantic songs. This post really inspired me to do it, and the best song of them all is the Cigarettes After Sex song. I don’t know if they put out another album last year…hmmm…will have to check this out too. I just love them.

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      2. I gave a shout-out to you in the post about dark and sexy songs on Valentine’s Day because you inspired me to write this post, I hope it means you get some followers as you have such a cool blog 🙂

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