Song of the Day: Aerovivanda by Mike Patton


This Saturday morning post could be the bonkers craziest track I’ve posted in my SOTD, so far? That’s track number eight and is pretty much Mike breaking stuff while John Zorn plays alto saxophone solo but it’s so wicked! That song title is in Italian, right? This is only the first time MP’s shared his love of Italy in his song/album/music, his next solo album which wasn’t until 2010 called Mondo Cane. The whole thing was sung in Italian, they were all old pop songs from Italy. The English translation from this track is Aerofood from the album called Pranzo Oltranzista with sub-titled Musica da Tavola per Cinque which in English is Extremist Lunch: Banquet Piece for Five Players. Of the year 1997 and his second solo album quickly following his debut called Adult Themes for Voice of 1996. So the other three of the five musos on Pranzo Oltranzista album are William Winant on percussion, Marc Ribot on guitar and Erik Friedlander on cello plus was inspired or based on a book called Futurist Cookbook by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti which was written in 1932. Off course, Patton is most well-known as the vocalist of Faith No More and they did release a new studio album that same year entitled Album of the Year. Anyway including or embedding Spotify above at the top of the post this time because it does seem to be online anywhere else? Or you could just get out your own copy, if you do have one?

I think, it’s MP in 97 but what is he pointing at?

Cheers! 🙂



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