Playlist: My Mixtapes #3 Blue label Maxell 90 with date written in faded pencil Dec. 96

So it’s now it’s going to be two days in a row of blogging about my mixtapes, is that a bit too much or not? This one does seem like a great one for Monday listening. Anyway I picked up this one and I found a date, December 1996 so I just had to listen to it now. It wasn’t the first I picked up, I looked about a dozen before seeing it. This is a bit more upbeat than the last two mixtapes too.

So once again you put it in the tape player, press play and listen to these songs:

Side A #1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – O’Malley’s Bar (second half)

Side A #2. Shihad – Debs Night Out

Side A #3. Anita Lane – The World’s A Girl

Side A #4. Mick Harvey & Anita Lane – Bonnie & Clyde

Side A #4. The Blackeyed Susans – A Curse On You

Side A #5. Tex Perkins – That Was Now This Is Then

Side A #6. Bluetile Lounge – Weight (And The Sea)

Side A #7. The Fauves- Dragster For Christmas

Side A #8. You Am I – Cathy’s Clown

Side A #9. The Blackeyed Susans – Dirty Water

Side A #10. The Cruel Sea – Black Stick

Side B #1. No idea what this one is at all, So far I’ve been pretty good with naming the band and song game I’m playing as I go along but I don’t know this one. the lyrics is something about time, black and then something about grey spot, sound effects of a clock ticking too. Any ideas whoever reads this?

Side B #2. Shihad – Silvercup

Side B #3 Ricaine – Even In Death

Side B #4 Regurgitator – Blubber Boy

Side B #5. OK, here’s another that I haven’t clue about at all. This time the opening line lyrics are “I’ve been away for a thousand year” or something. So again does anyone out there have any ideas about that song? Both are pretty rocky songs and very 90’s sounding off course.

Side B #6. The Mark Of Cain – Point Man

Side B #7. Beasts Of Bourbon – The Day Marty Robbins Died

Side B #8. Beasts Of Bourbon – Ten Wheels For Jesus

Side B #9. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – O’Malley’s Bar (first half)

I guess I started making this one on Side B because one of the longest Cave’s song goes over both sides and ending at the start of Side A, it’s a tiny bit of listening to the very end of the song and then waiting something like 80 min before heard the beginning of the song. O’Malley’s Bar is not really a fave now but I know it, I haven’t heard it in a while. You can re-create it if you wanna by skipping to the part in the song when he’s looking at himself in the mirror and everyone is already death like it’s the second last verse.

Yesterday I couldn’t find that Tex Perkins song and now he’s got the featured image because he’s got four songs. Also after yesterday saying I didn’t have any Kiwi bands, I’ve got Shihad twice here but all the rest are Aussie acts.

Who likes that? Does anyone out there want me to stop now? Or just keep doing these posts about these mixtapes? I’m having some fun, how about you?

Tex Perkins sing four songs on this mixtape, solo then with The Cruel Sea and Beasts Of Bourbon. So here he is a the backyard with a washing line and garden rack, why not?

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