Wicked Songs: Song Of The Sea & Leave Home by People With Chairs Up Their Noses

So this my Sunday afternoon driving blog post and going to be all about a completely obscure and almost forgotten old Aussie band from early 80’s with only a couple of songs to there name. But that name has got to be the greatest and funniest band name ever, can you come up with a better one? I double dare you can’t find one? People With Chairs Up Their Noses, just saying it again People With Chairs Up Their Noses.

Song Of The Sea (Track 17):

OK, so after just the another day’s post which featured the unbelievable drummer Jim White I’m now today do a post about his earliest band. Now if you want know, if you don’t know or can’t remember who the hell Jim White is? Maybe most well known for founding of Dirty Three and also playing with early Blackeyed Susans line-up, before that was Vernon P. Stringer and The Feral Dinosaurs then going on to drum with on albums and tour with artists like Nick Cave, Charles Marshall, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Cat Power, Kim Salmon, Tex Perkins, Nina Nastasia, Smog, Beth Orton, PJ Harvey, Jolie Holland, Marianne Faithfull etc. I mostly like missed someone/s out because he worked with a lot of artists but I guess you get the idea. Now he’s playing as a duo called Xylouris White with two albums since late last year too. Anyway back to his very early band with that amazing and stupid name, just saying again People With Chairs Up Their Noses.

The rest of the band members are more now known as a saxophonist but on vocals too by David Palliser and also he’s a painter too, check out his artwork here and his latest music is also on that webpage well worth having a listen too. Jim Shugg who was also in groups like The Feral Dinosaurs with Jim around the early 80’s who was on guitar and vocals and Mark Barry on bass and vocals who doesn’t seem to have any other credits to his name. Which are all the main members for the three or four years the People With Chairs Up Their Noses were together. The singer-songwriter Nick Barker also seem to have been a member off and on over those years too.

The one and only photo of People With Chairs Up Their Noses: Jim White (left), David Palliser and Mark Barry. 

Digging around and doing my Sunday arvo gardening in the backyard, all and the only two tracks that were official released by People With Chairs Up Their Noses in the 80’s are The Road To Egg and The New Band but can’t find them right now on the internet. Both were on a split 7″ single in 1982 on the second side with the band called Plays With Marionettes on the first side, a video on youtube says it’s one of them but it’s Song Of The Sea. What I can figure out I think there’s maybe is two or three more songs somewhere but god knows where they hide them?

Song Of The Sea (top of the post) is from something called Can’t Stop It! #1 a comp album of late 70’s/early 80’s post-punk Aussie scene, I included the whole comp as you can find on bandcamp if anyone would like listen more that just this band because well, they don’t seem to have much to listen too. It’s like a very big bonus extra today but most likely will blog about some if not all of those acts on it in more detail at a later date sometime.

The back cover artwork of the split single and only 7″ or anything by the People With Chairs Up Their Noses released in 1982

The next and last song is called Leave Home (bottom of the page) is from Fast Forward Cassette Magazine issue 008/009 in 1981 which someone uploaded to youtube. BTW that a black & white version of the same color photo just above is pretty much the one and only photo of the band I can find too. Just imaged a band today with only one promo photo? It just would never happen and so very little info about them but it makes them so much more like a mystery and somewhat interesting to me. I guess that’s why I’ve taken it on myself to write about them and something that does and almost doesn’t exist. So that might just have to be it today but I will write about them again if something else pops up.

I hope someone else out there like my Sunday arvo drinking session music? Enjoy!

Leave Home:


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