Playlist: …And Now For Something Completely Different (1996 Dance Show)

After two days blogging break here’s yet another playlist for this Sunday. So it’s sub-titled a 1996 dance show. Right I need to explain this one a little I think, don’t I? Yes, you do! So this post today was some of my fave music used for a dance show my mother was putting on because well, she was a dance teacher from the mid 80’s to 2000. She did this yearly end of year shows so everyone could perform on stage and then a kind-of full stop for holidays and Christmas etc. Anyway at some point she started to steal my music I liked if it had a great beat or something she could use, she was teaching dance to adults to teenagers to little kids so she had to have something for everyone. So in the file she kept of all the programs of the end of year shows, it seems I kidnapped and hold ransom in small country town south-west corner of Western Australian was the year 1996 show. Pretty perfect year for me the way I have rave on about the 90’s on this blog.

I picked all the music for this year dance show and because as a teenage or even still now, I’m a big fan of silly great BBC comedy TV shows she came up with calling “And Now For Something Completely Different” from Monty Python. Indie music was taking over the world off course at this point but god knows what small tiny town crowd sitting and watching this dance show was thinking of some of my picks that was pumping thought the PA of the local Town hall that year? Two or three bigger hit singles are included and then the rest are just album tracks. Anyway here are the songs, she does have all VHS’s the shows preforms somewhere too. So really she should uploaded them to youtube sometime or something but here’s just the songs, maybe that’s for some other time?

#1. The PoguesWildcats Of Kilkenny

#2. PrimusSpace Farm

#3. MinistryCannibal Song 

#4. Boss HogBeehive 

#5. The CranberriesZombie 

#6. SupergrooveBugs & Critters

#7. The Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionBellbottoms 


#8. Nine Inch NailsPiggy

#9. Dirty ThreeWarren’s Waltz 

#10. Smashing PumpkinsBullet With Butterfly Wings

#11. BlurCountry House

#12. PrimusThe Year Of The Parrot 

#13. TrickyStrugglin’ 

#14. Mike WattBig Train 

So can anyone, everyone reading this imagine these tracks used in a mid-90’s dance show? Did you even dance along yourself now? Gotta ask what’s your fave of those songs too?

Monty Python’s John Cleese gif is Sunday’s blog post featured image!

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