Remembering: The Cramps’ Nick Knox

Hearing the sad news of Nick Knox passing at age 60. The Cramps longest serving drummer from 1977 to 1991, which is pretty much one the greatest run of records by any band ever! That’s if need reminding the studio albums: Gravest Hits, Songs the Lord Taught Us, Psychedelic Jungle, A Date with Elvis and Stay Sick! He born in 1958 with birth name Nicholas George Stephanoff became Nick Knox when he replaced Miriam Linna in 1977. I guess, we/I going to see all your/my fave muso go? Most seem to be only making to around middle age which makes it sadder. The Cramps singer Lux Interior passed away in 2009 which was way before this music blog of mine, I did included Stay Sick! album in my CA list, off course linked. Still hoping Poison Ivy Rorschach would write her autobio book, wouldn’t that be a wicked epic great read? Anyway listening to The Cramps this morning and now here just seven songs I love by them with Knox behind the drum kit, if you need some today too?

The Way I Walk

Zombie Dance

Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk

Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?

People Ain’t No Good

She Said

Bikini Girls With Machine Guns


Rest in peace, Nick Knox!

Cheers 😥



  1. Sad news indeed. The Cramps were a real insiders band. There are no casual Cramps fans. Just devotees and those who haven’t heard them or don’t get it. Nick could play drums while looking completely still. A rare
    Talent. Nice tribute

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