Re-writing the Top 10 from 1998 triple j’s Hottest 100

Over the Aussie long weekend just gone the national radio and the sister station have been doing new and old countdowns for 2018 and 1998 songs. They’ve open polls again so you, me or anyone who wants to vote for week can re-jig the 98 final list or just top 10 which they’re going to play in a week or so time, check it out here! Hell with waiting because I’ve now done my very own top ten, off course! Mainly it’s just full of songs that didn’t even get close to the original top ten but all were in the hottest 100 somewhere? Cutting all the total crap or stuff I just don’t dig and editing down to only my fave ten tracks, just my opinion is…

My #1: Sich Offnen by Not From There (original number 100)

My #2: Come On Spring by Antenna (original number 64)

My #3: Black Bugs by Regurgitator (original number 32)

My #4: Don’t Wanna Be Left Out by Powderfinger (original number 46)

My #5: Just Ace by Grinspoon (original number 18)

My #6: No Surprises by Radiohead (original number 55)

My #7: Teardrop by Massive Attack (original number 23)

My #8: Wishlist by Pearl Jam (original number 88)

My #9: Intergalactic by Beastie Boys (original number 25)

My #10: El President by Drugstore (original number 82)

The Aussie acts take out my top five songs but then three English and two American make up the rest! What do you think? Anyway last year I did do a huge 1998 playlist which turn into 100 tracks in the end so I might be repeating myself today? I guess it was a bit of fun, both times. Then again last year’s playlist does included a lot of stuff that triple j didn’t bother with at all but some more that did miss out on my little ten above today!

The front cover of the tie-in double CD!

Anyway what would be your fave song/s for jjj’s 98 hottest 100 or maybe just from the year 1998? Or did I ask you this last year?

Cheers 🙂


  1. Not in order but :
    Freak on a Leash by Korn
    Rob Zombie, More Human than Human
    System of the Down, Sugar (although I think their more popular song was Areoles and Chop Suey
    Unwritten Law, Teenage Suicide

    of course that isn’t even close to all the best (IMO) song release in 1998 BUT on the last one, Unwritten Law is fan-fucking-tastic. Probably the most under rated band ever! Their self tittle album and Elva are sooooooo good.

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    1. Oh, cool some heavy stuff! I’ve still got that tab opened and can tell you a couple bands did appeared in 98 hottest 100 down here in Australia, if you wanna know? but diff tracks Korn’s Got the Life was #5 and Rob Zombie’s Dragula at #75 but i think i remember them playing both System of the Down and Unwritten Law but both are missing that year! Oh look at that, Freak on a Leash was #16 in 1999 but wasn’t until 2001 with Up All Night – Unwritten Law at #69 and not till 2002 Toxicity – System of a Down at #18 so totally amazing to think Chop Suey didn’t even make the cut back then! Sorry, I can only say I was a little bit of fan of White Zombie and do remember that Human song! I didn’t really get into any of those other bands back then or anytime at all but really very much did enjoy listening to those songs just now! So thanks Sandra for joining in on the fun 🙂

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    1. i think i dig Unwritten Law the best but you did give me two tracks to listen too, might have to check them out more sometime! Any comments or not about my picks then? Cheers again 🙂

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      1. Sure. Most of them I had never heard before BUT I like Black Bugs, Just Ace and El President. Come On Spring was okay but it wouldn’t make it to my playlist. As far as Wish List… sigh. Pearl Jam was hands down one of my favorite bands but IDK Yield album sorta sucked and the ones that followed. I could have some bad memories related to that song that makes me hate it even if it is a good song.

        Of course you already know my thoughts on Teardrop. And Beastie Boys, Intergalactic really was not my favorite BB songs but one of my best friends favorites. It brings back memories of partying in Mexico. Good times.

        Finally, Radiohead. I ❤️ Radiohead. No Surprises is great. I don’t know if that song would make my top 10 list but other songs would.

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      2. Fair call, I was only culling or picking tracks the final jjj’s hottest 1oo list back then and re-jigging it to the songs I was thinking should have been way higher! I guess, the 1st five are all Aussie stuff and i don’t think any of those band made the trip to USA, only Grinspoon did smaller indie or punk tours but never hit the big time there! I don’t normally number any of my lists I make but maybe I was getting into whole idea of a countdown or something? Most likely all the acts have better songs being almost the end of the 90’s? I did last year make a whole playlist of 100 songs I really dig from 1998, i don’t know if it will be all your cup of tea or that’s just total overkill but here’s the link:
        Well, i did playlists for every year from 1955 to 2005, if you want to have look/listen? Anyway cheers again 🙂

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      3. 😀 I will check it out. I don’t have that much time to devote to 100 songs. That’s hardcore, Mate. I will add it to my save list and poke around in from time to time.

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