Joe Strummer on Bo Diddley

In my 50’s playlists which I did start to reposted, I’ve been saying how great Bo Diddley was but today it’s punk rocker The Clash’s mainman having his say about him:

My hero is Bo Diddley because… he was playing on street corner and knew that he needed something else. He wasn’t the fretsman in the world, so he went to a junkyard and got some ball cocks out of abandoned lavatory cisterns. Then he filled them with dried peas and gave them to his upstairs neighbor who became his maracas man. That’s the sort of thing I idolize Bo for. The spirit wherein you have to do something. To me, it’s an inspiration because I’m not the world’s greatest fretman either… people can get caught thinking it’s all about technique when it’s not really about technique all, it’s about something even more exciting and unidentifiable.

That’s why I go for him. Everybody else was playing 12-bar blues at the time. He looked around and he was that: I’ve got to do something different if I want to make it in this town. So he came up with something even more African then the blues is, the Bo Diddley style. If you want to discover his music? A song called Background To The Music.

It was phenomenal when I met him. To ride on a bus with and listen talk was great. One last thing: each man had a bunk on the bus. I noticed Bo was sitting up late, late, later. So I said “You Know you’ve got a bunk, Don’t you Bo?” He said, “Come and look at this.”He pulled back the curtains and his square guitar was there in the bunk, all strapped up. Bo went “guitar rides in the bunk, I ride in the seat.”


That’s all ripped out of pages 65-6 of mojo magazine March 2002, issue #100 which now  all the white pages are turning yellow. I knew keeping them, they were going to be good for something!

All my yearly playlists from 1955 to 2005 have now been fully updated now, I’ve made 1955 to 1960 now 40 tracks each and all the rest as far as can are working/playable/steaming, well at least in Perff WA, Australia, planet Earth but that was last week sometime? Looks like some have been already delete or whatever? So make the most of them, if you’ll like too? You can find them all here at this link if you’ll like something to listen anytime? I think, this might be one of the last posts for a while and I’m going take a blogging break next month but I’ve got couple more posts coming, OK? 

Cheers 🙂


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