Great Art: Louise Bourgeois Insomnia Drawings of the 90’s

Inspired after earlier this week post to blog now about some more of my fave female visual artists I’ve not done in my art gallery posts yet! I can’t believe I haven’t yet blogged Louise Bourgeois? Who was another French born artist which lived in New York City for her last part of her life. She passed away at age 98 in the year 2010 so even with insomnia she almost made it to 100, almost! She is most well-known for huge large-scale sculpture or installation art she build around those sculpture plus she was a prolific painter and printmaker. Her wikipedia is linked here, if you need or want to know more about her amazing life?

Off course, my fave of all her artwork is something she called her Insomnia Drawings! When I was younger and very rich I payed some hundreds of dollars on a boxset type of two big huge books of one just over 500 of pages these so-called Insomnia Drawings and second one of 100 pages of essay about her Insomnia Drawings. It’s still most likely the larges book in my collection, most of these Insomnia Drawings were on A4 paper and this book is too scale showing the back and front of every piece of paper. The very top image below is a snap of that book. It’s a bit over the top silly in truth but I do love it because: everything is drawn mainly in red pen or ink. Used all kind-of paper too with everything from blank to file to graph to music paper. The subject matter of her Insomnia Drawings are endless repeated objects that appear from her more well known sculptures to shapes or form and just patterns drawn over and over. Once again, it really shown the artist process in working more than anything! Below are just four of my faves but should really be seen as a whole but that would bit very silly long blog post indeed!





So I’m not a total big huge Faithless fan, that’s the British 90’s dance act but they did have a mid-90’s song called Insomnia so it’s gotta be today’s cut to listen too…

Cheers 🙂


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