Top Ten Tracks: The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys turn this Sunday, OK? They were always a little or a lot daggy and not as cool as some other 60’s acts you could name but I thinking maybe wouldn’t come up with ten but it was very easy indeed! The first three opening songs are covers, you know? Every if they’re most likely not the best covers of these tracks, I kind-of like/love them in an odd way I enjoy them but see what you think of them? Didn’t Hollywood make a Brian bio-pic a few years ago too? So I don’t need any bio about them, do I?

Summertime Blues – Surfin’ Safari (1962)

Louie Louie – Shut Down (1964)

Hushabye – All Summer Long (1964)

Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Pet Sounds (1966)

Sloop John B – Pet Sounds (1966)

Good Vibrations – single (1966) and Smiley Smile (1967)

Heroes And Villains – Smiley Smile (1967)

Do It Again – Stack-O-Tracks (1968)

Kokomo – Still Cruisin’ (1989) and Cocktail soundtrack (1988)

Hang On to Your Ego – Pet Sounds reissue (1990)

Today’s scoreline is all are 60’s song minus one late 80’s track but that last one I’m counting as 60’s too even if it wasn’t released until early 90’s. Nothing really like any hided gem/s because they’re so popular everyone knows their stuff even without listening to them much, like myself! Would it be really and totally very bad taste to name Kokomo as my all-time fave by them? Off course, it’s Pet Sounds album which kind-of has three songs above followed by Smiley Smile album with two 🙂

Next couple of weekend’s some artists a little bit newer!

The BBs at San Diego Zoo in 1966.

Who’s sharing your BBs fave song/s today?

Cheers 🙂


    1. Oh yeah, i totally forgot their 70’s stuff which i do enjoy so that’s a big mistake, should had one song at least! Oops, maybe i will have do part 2 or BB’s 70’s post or something at a later date! Yeah, I’ll do that, i think?
      But i do totally love that K songs even if it’s bad taste or guilty pleasure? Once somewhere i did a whole post about it my blog somewhere because of Adam Green’s cover of it! Maybe should have dug it up and linked it here?
      What would be your fave/s by them?
      Cheers 🙂

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  1. As I’m an 80s child I remember only Kokomo and its assoication with Tom Cruise. The other stuff is good too. Beach Boys reminds me of going to Australian BBQs in my childhood and seeing people’s aunties and uncles get way too loose on the VBs and Carlton Drafts lol 🙂

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  2. I’m also shocked “Kokomo” is your favorite Beach Boys song, as you seem to dislike or dismiss almost anything pop. Oh well, we all have our guilty pleasures. Here are my 10 faves:

    1. Good Vibrations
    2. God Only Knows
    3. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
    4. California Girls
    5. I Get Around
    6. Sloop John B
    7. In My Room
    8. Help Me Rhonda
    9. Don’t Worry Baby
    10. Surfin’ USA

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