Song of the Day: Act One, Scene One by The Fall Of Troy

So I’ve got mathcore, Emo, post-hardcore, progressive metal for you to listen too today! Well, that’s what they have been called before, just to give you some idea what the hell this is? Because have you heard of them before? The Fall Of Troy were an old fave 2000’s band of mine but I guess I don’t listen to much anymore, when I do I still love them!

Anyway this song is the second song from the second album entitled Doppelgänger of 2005. Yet another American band I dig, they’re from Mukilteo city in Washington state, north of Seattle, if you’ll like to know where in U.S.A.? They’re well known for unorthodox song structures so it’s right up my alley but is it up your’s? I think, maybe Act One, Scene One could be a good intro song to them?

Including just below is the Doppelgänger album, four songs are re-recording of tracks on their debut album hence the album title. The very last song on this album Macaulay McCulkin is taken straight from even earlier EP. Tom Waits had a song called The Fall Of Troy, nothing to do with this band but they figured they should have a song called Tom Waits. Johnny Truant is main character from the epic unbelievable mind-blowing novel House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski of year 2000, a few of the other songs on this album references that novel too. So who out there has read that novel then? The album comes in at just under 45 minutes, please if you do have a listen, tell me what you think? Steaming full album here:


The Fall of Troy have had more than one line-up over their years but I think? This is the mid-2000’s one!

Cheers! 🙂


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