What I’ve Been Listening to in Mar. 2020

It’s already chapter three for 2020! Do I really need to say anything because I’ve really not been saying much about it on my blog, what a bloody odd year it’s turned into! Off course, that does even come close to summing it all up? We still have music so here’s my mainly new music that I’ve been playing while all this weird shit going on over these crazy days of this month, ending today!

Molocular Meditation by Jan St. Werner featuring Mark E. Smith “Why would you be afraid of a loud noise at 3 o’clock in the afternoon?” that’s just one of the great new MES lines from this four track, I guess it’s an EP which was put out the tail end of last month actually. On first listen back then, I really didn’t think much off it but after a few weeks it’s my fave release of last few weeks!

Werner is one half of Mouse On Mars who worked with Smith on a 2007 side-project called Von Sudenfed which is the VS in the closing song title. The Fall release pretty much everything and left nothing behind after Smith’s passing so I didn’t think we would anything else from him? It’s pretty weird so I guess, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea? It’s on Bandcamp, linked here but I remember you have pay for it and it seem almost no one has played it on soundcloud that I’ve embedded below. It’s most likely on other streaming sites but sorry you’ll have to find it yourself but I do think it’s totally worth tracking down!  

Trouble In The Air by New War this has been a very long sequenced release date going back to last year sometime but couldn’t be perfect titled album, right now. It’s a live album recorded at Melbourne Town Hall which does have this huge very old pile organ that does feature heavy on this album, amazingly all but one song are totally brand new songs too!

Take the Cellphone by Terry the band are back yet again and now are doing Sub Pop 7″ single club with these couple of wicked new tracks:

The Job by Use No Hooks is very old late 70’s/early 80’s minus one song is all unreleased recordings! Does anyone remember me talking about synth-punks band Primitive Calculators? This is what a couple of members did after PC broken-up and is even more obscurer:

Nothing Immune by Ov Pain is yet another one from last year which I’ve only just discover, I did have a two track release in my last month’s pile but somehow I missed they put out two things last year so just got to feature this today:

Rarities by HTRK after tours and everything has been canned because of C-19, here’s something Nigel and Jonnine has release to help them get by:

Three by The Necks is their 21st album and I think, this in part was release last month which has three new long form songs by them:

This Train I Ride (soundtrack) by Warren Ellis after Dirty Three live reunion, brand new Bad Seeds album and a few guest spots last year, I didn’t think WE would have time for any new soundtracks but it seems he does:

To finish with couple of new cover versions, I’ve really dug this month. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ Stranger Than Kindness by Kurt Vile:

The Cramps’ Human Fly by Zeus! featuring Mike Patton:

So that’s my ten releases of note worthy new-ish music I’m blogging or recommending this month to you!

Mark E. Smith (left) is back from the grave thanks to Jan St. Werner (right) with Molocular Meditation!

Cheers! 🙂


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