Classic Albums: Tromatic Reflexxions by Von Südenfed

OK, the first CA post of 2019 and after something like three months break of this set of posts! Side-projects do count in my fave albums list so here’s Mark E. Smith normally front-man, singer-songwriter of English post-punk band The Fall but is here with both the guys from a German electronica outfit that go under the name Mouse On Mars normally and this album was released in May 2007.

This set of blogs posts is me basically making up my own all-time albums list which I think I might cut down on me talking a pile rubbish about each and every one which adds up to saying “I FUCKIN’ LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!” Anyway I think I will keep it much more brief this year, I’ve even cut or edited it down after posting it earlier today because I’m wasn’t happy with that version. I will try to keep to a few facts about it and a bit of own personal thing about it or something?

They made the cover of the Wire magazine on issue number 279 in May 2007 and a cool write-up inside!


To explain my love for this album a little more here at the end bit. Well, to me it’s a total no brainier these two greats joining forces together! Smith has had electronic parts in The Fall but was always an real rock band so to go the whole hog is something I wanted him to do we just had to wait until 2007 to jump on the band wagon, if that’s what it seems like? Oh well, at least he did it at some point because now he’s gone from us! Now looking back on his whole career in hindsight this could be included in his last great run of albums with the next The Fall album he got together the last strong and amazing line-up which is just as great as anything in they hey-day 80’s greatest. In my opinion those five up to 2015’s Sub-Lingual Tablet album are an unbelievable run of albums and maybe I see this one as a bit of a kick starter to all that followed.

The German duo here seem like a match made in heaven to work with each other. Regarding his lyrics on this whole album to me are a perfect match to the electronic beats and couldn’t be more perfect written, like I already said it’s something I’ve been wishing and hoping for since becoming a The Fall fan! I do know Mark’s not the nicest guy ever in the world but that shouldn’t matter because your not listening to it, if your just bitching about him! Worth noting here, if you want even more The Fall and Mouse On Mars? Both acts did also appear on the wicked epic tribute to The Monks with the various artists comp album entitled Silver Monk Time the year before this album. BTW this is now Mark E. Smith’s second album on my fave albums list after Hex Enduction Hour by The Fall.

Tromatic Reflexxions track list and times:

1. Fledermaus Can’t Get It – 3:56
2. The Rhinohead – 4:16
3. Flooded – 4:46
4. Family Feud – 4:28
5. Serious Brainskin – 3:51
6. Speech Contamination / German Fear Of Österreich – 3:59
7. The Young The Faceless And The Codes – 4:32
8. Duckrog – 2:47
9. Chicken Yiamas – 2:36
10. That Sound Wiped – 6:05
11. Jbak Lois Lane – 2:56
12. Dearest Friends – 4:44


This list below are my 116 favorite albums, so far because I’m still counting them up but over the Xmas/new year break I did count and numbered all of them to somewhere around 300! So really we have a very bloody long way too go here anyway now Tromatic Reflexxions by Von Südenfed is the 117th album post!

Who else really digs Von Südenfed’s Tromatic Reflexxions album? Or wanna say something about it?

Cheers 🙂


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