Classic Albums: Tu-Plang by Regurgitator

OK next Aussie album from 1996 which I consider a total classic is by these guys from Brisbane called Regurgitator. Started as a side-project and formed after the members met on the city’s public transport eg a bus. They’re are not totally obscure like the last band I post drunk on Thursday night.

A debut album that starts with a track called I Sucked a Lot of Cock to Get Where I Am should be an instant classic. As known as the Reg because we like shorten everything in Australia when on to bigger things at least in there home land. But for me it’s this album and will be forever be ingrained in my soul. After earlier two very success EPs in 1995 that had about three/four hit singles/videos on the indie pop rock scene, the first was self-titled and the second was just called New. The band decamped from Australia to Bangkok to record the album, maybe to just get away from the record label because what their were cooking up a major label might not like it but off course recording in that place it was done and on tape, in the box before anyone knew.

Pointing out here has as well two members were Asian-Aussies too, the singer Quan Yeomans is sixth generation Australian not that it should matter but in this day and age of redneck politicians on the rise again and because I’ll like to highlight the fact Australia always been multicultural and we shouldn’t forget the fact. I can’t image my teenage and early 20’s years without this band, I wouldn’t be the only one too that feels this way because they were huge. I’m only first gen Aussie and I’m white but don’t to prove how Australian I am, the politicians are just fucked in this country.

My fave track is the shortest on the album F.S.O. shorten for Fuck Shit Off but somehow back in the day they got the major label they were on to release it as a single but they turn it into an epic 18 minute long track with basically noise before and after the song and someone uploaded to YouTube that’s it above, off course no radio station played it.

On the album cover is ตู้เพลง which is Thai for Jukebox. It’s indie rock yet again even if they were on major label at this point but the styles of music within album was almost everything you can think of, reviews at the time of release was just long lists like “rock to rap, from fun to funk, from thrash to surf rock” Sydney Morning Herald and The Age say “skipping from one style to another, sometimes mid-song” which might be or could be messy but these guys are genius and made it work together. Both Couldn’t Do It (Happy Shopper Mix) and Blubber Boy (Riding The Wave Of Fashion Mix) were the two biggest songs from the earlier EPs but on this album they were different versions/mixes which was a great call and the best thing to do.

So who out there digs them?

Tu-Plang track listing and times:

1. I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am – 2:34
2. Kong Foo Sing – 2:58
3. G7 Dick Electro Boogie – 3:37
4. Couldn’t Do It (Happy Shopper Mix) – 4:01
5. Miffy’s Simplicity – 1:30
6. Social Disaster – 2:58
7. Music Is Sport – 3:16
8. 348 Hz – 3:00
9. Mañana – 4:05
10. F.S.O. – 1:42
11. Pop Porn – 3:09
12. Young Bodies Heal Quickly – 2:31
13. Blubber Boy (Riding The Wave Of Fashion Mix) – 2:21
14. Doorselfin – 2:40


All my Classic Albums posts are in that link or they’re all linked below too!

So the idea here is simply for me to write a post about each of my fave albums that I consider total stone cold classics!

Please do leave a reply below and tell me what you think about this album and/or artist or whatever you’d like to say about it?


  1. Great choice. I haven’t played this in ages, but it was a big favourite of mine in high school. Growing up in Brisbane, you’d see Ben and Martin around the Valley and stuff, which felt cool considering they were so big at the time — well, JJJ big. I think this is their high point. Unit is OK — they did the ’80s pop thing well — but this was such a bold mixture of styles, with hip-hop, trip-hop, surf, hardcore, pop, and just enough of their old punky, noisy edge. Think I’ll give it another listen now.

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