Classic Albums: We’re All Gunna Die by Don Walker

So continuing this list of my fave albums, might as well stay with the Aussie “W” artists first but now it’s second and last one today. Yeah, if you missed the memo I’m doing my all-time albums as a backwards alphabet now, I’m going to see if and how much I can do in the last few months of 2018. I think, if I don’t side track to much which I’ve been known to do. I should say before yesterday’s 2008 Cellulite Soul by Witch Hats post I’ve already included two other “W” Aussie acts, well nope that’s wrong because with 1997 Where Joy Kills Sorrow by Various Artists that’s by the album title but I’m including VA albums by title anyway, you know it would be pretty shit having all those albums together under VA, right? What I was going to say was the other “W” Aussie band already done is 1985 Big Name, No Blankets by Warumpi Band.

I’m getting totally side tracked already before ever I’ve started today, not that I ever did say they’re the best blog posts and are far from it but maybe might intro some or maybe even if it’s just one to something that would be cool by me. Anyway today’s post is about Don Walker’s debut solo from 1995 with the album title of the plain old truth: We’re All Gunna Die.

So if you don’t know who Don Walker is? He was the piano player and songwriter for Aussie 70’s/80’s band Cold Chisel and then he worked under the name Catfish in 80’s/90’s which those couple under-rated gems and in the early 90’s formed a new trio simply under each of the three first given name Tex, Don & Charlie which they had three albums. But I can’t included everything here and it’s just my all-time faves so most would pick Cold Chisel or even the Tex, Don & Charlie but if I’m just choosing one album to showcase this great Aussie singer-songwriter it’s this one, OK?

I think, at this point Walker was well into his forties and was more known as sideman to singers like Jimmy Barnes and Tex Perkins and if you’ve seen Walker live he’s so much more lay back front-man than them but around this time in the mid-90’s he walked on stage with a snake rapped around his head. Now if you wanted to scare the shit of of your own crowd that’s come to see you, just put a snake on your head and it with do the trick!

BTW some genius in 2013 came up with the idea which got The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard to interview Don Walker for promo of his then new album. Now I was going to steal it all and post it up here on my blog but here’s just the links to it, part 1 and part 2 of that great interview which is one of the best interviews ever. Plus around this time The Drones did the ATP curated festival and got Walker to play it too!

Here’s Don Walker website where you can find the reissues all his old albums in a new vinyl box-set if you feel like buying his stuff now? That might be it for my Friday lunchtime post, who else loves Don’s debut album or any of his stuff?

We’re All Gunna Die track listing:

1. Party – 5:31
2. Eternity – 5:21
3. My Girl – 3:30
4. The Wedding – 5:07
5. The Good Book – 4:53
6. The Circus – 4:03
7. I Am The King – 6:05
8. Howl At The Moon – 4:53
9. In The End – 4:18
10. Careless In Isa – 5:18
11. We’re All Gunna Die – 6:47
12. Three Blackbirds – 17:58


So this list below are my 105 favorite albums, so far because I’m still counting them up. Now We’re All Gunna Die by Don Walker is the 106th album post today!

Who else digs Don Walker debut solo album? Or do you just want to say something else now?

Cheers 🙂



  1. That last song’s an epic, great one! I have it on a pretty awesome playlist, ya know! Thanks for links to Gaz interviews, am gonna check them out. Cheers! =)

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    1. So just got to ask did you listen the rest of the album or is it you just still like that last track the best? Gaz interviews are pretty great, had a look yet?
      Also got to ask you, seems that’s all my “W” Aussie acts, do you think I should had someone you would have had?

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      1. Haven’t listened yet, but I did look at the Gaz interviews! They were actually really serious with a bit of Gaz humour, good interviews I thought! After reading the interviews I looked up ‘Hully Gully’ and have got that now on Spotify for a listen (haven’t yet though either).
        Well, I thought you might have had Scott Walker and/or maybe Ween in your ‘W’ acts cos I know you’ve blogged about them before. I would have had The Waifs, maybe the album ‘Up All Night’, not sure whether you’re into them though (I’m seeing them later this year in Geelong). I do like Stevie Wonder but don’t know which album I’d choose (again, not sure if that’s your sort of thing, maybe not!). But I know which X act I’d have that you didn’t include! Cheers! =)

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      2. Oh, bloody good guessing for two of five more W act albums coming soon! Any other guessing?
        The Waifs sisters grown-up in that same country town i did, you know? but nope, i do like some songs but not totally full albums as my all-time faves!
        Stevie is great but yeah, only know some of his songs but maybe should just post my fave track of his in a post or something?
        Are you talking about xylouris white for X act album I’ve missed? I do like the first two but the new one has fast become my fave of them but it’s just toooo new to included, i think?
        Don’s pretty great, highly reco listening and yeah! why not have a listen to Hully Gully too? He’s wrote a book I’ve been meaning to read for years so I might start that today?

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  2. Haha that’s cool, good guessing indeed! But maybe I’ll leave the guessing there for now and I’ll be surprised by your other three! I think you have told me that about the Waifs, come to think of it. Yes, Xylouris White would be on my list but I’m not sure which album I’d pick? Maybe their latest? I’ve probably listened to that the most, there are some ripper tracks on that one. And yeah, I listened to ‘We’re All Gunna Die’ yesterday and liked it, he’s a very good story-teller and has a really distinctive Aussie presence. I particularly liked ‘The Wedding’. Did you start his book yet? Cheers! =)

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    1. Glad you enjoyed his album 🙂
      Oh yeah, i did start his book! Opens with someone hanging themselves and by page seven the family home is floored and then that night he spends sleepless floating around in the dark in a dinghy with the rest of his family but then when the waters go back down everything is dead and just covered in heavy mud! Just happy childhood memory’s but writes very diff to how I’m saying it, very cleaver and creative way! I just watched the 2017 Stephen King’s IT movie so it was a great happy go lucky jolly time here on Sunday night!

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  3. Hahaa! I hope you managed to get some sleep on Sunday night and weren’t plagued by too many nightmares, especially clowns! I’m still to listen to Hully Gully but I did hear a nice Don song on 3RRR the other day, it was ‘At The Piccolo Bar’, I recognised his voice straight away cos of listening to his other stuff that you’ve reco’d. Cheers! =)

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