Remembering: Fat Domino + Classic Albums: Rock And Rollin’ With Fat Domino

I’ve just got to write something about Fats now, passing away while I was away down south and not blogging. Domino left the earth behind last month on October 24, 2017. It seems I write a lot of those type of posts someone kindly pointed out which I guess I do and most likely continue to do because sooner or later everyone does died. Like every knows or should know we lost Fat Domino at age 89, I’ve just pay tribute here on my little music blog because he’s of one of the pioneers of rock and roll even if I’m  very, very, very, very, late about it. It don’t mean I don’t like him any less because out of all those old rock and rollers I think I like him a little more than some of the bigger names, alive or dead. If I could give some kind of prize or award or something, maybe just kudos to him here on my blog right now. I would say Fats is the very best of all the early rock n’ rollers, I’ll even go record to say he’s better than Elvis!

Fats in the 1960’s with four young white guys you might know?

So I’m highlighting his debut album from the year 1955 just above here on my Wednesday post. My intro was pretty early on in my life which was the 1980’s not 50’s. It was because of my old man who had a triple vinyl set of his earliest records including Rock And Rollin’ With Fat Domino. Amazing it’s one of a few records of my old folks I’ve still got to this day after an ex-gf throw almost all of them in the bin but thank fuck not that one. This was at the time of release in mid-50’s was something of a comp album of singles put out before 55 and some even then released as singles after too, making all the tracks as single here on this album, Rock And Rollin’ With Fat Domino. Some of these songs do go as far back as the year 1950, you know? It’s just under half an hour listening time with dozen songs, now what better way to spend your Wed. morning?

His real name is not Fats but Antoine Dominique. The very plan four colors on white background wood cut print album cover of Rock And Rollin’ With Fat Domino is not as eye catching as the pink and green name on black and white photograph of Elvis self-titled debut album but would have to be just as influentially.

He was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, which if you were to ask me to name the coolest American city it would be New Orleans. Not that I’ve never been there, that’s the New Orleans or even U.S.A. for that matter. So it’s all just based on stories or maybe myths etc. and not the real thing which you can dismiss right if you like because you’ve been there and your going to tell me it’s a shithole next? One of the greatest stories about Domino and New Orleans which I know is true is when Hurricane Katrina was coming and Fats stay in his city and then when missing for a couple of days and people thinking he’s long gone but then only to be found and rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter.

Domino now joins the 50’s records I’ve wrote about in my CA list, which is a work in progress off course so do I need to say more are to coming fingers-crossed but so far are these four Bo DiddleyChuck BerryMarty Robbins and Frank Sinatra.

   Rock And Rollin’ With Fat Domino track listing and times:
Except where otherwise noted, all songs by Dave Bartholomew and Fats Domino.

1. The Fat Man – 2:38
2. Tired of Crying (Domino) – 2:15
3. Goin’ Home (Domino, Al Young) – 2:11
4. You Said You Loved Me – 2:36
5. Going to the River – 2:30
6. Please Don’t Leave Me (Domino) – 2:35
7. Rose Mary – 2:16
8. All by Myself – 2:24
9. Ain’t That a Shame – 2:27
10. Poor Me – 2:19
11. Bo Weevil (Traditional) – 2:48
12. Don’t Blame It on Me – 2:42


All my Classic Albums posts are in that link or they’re all linked below too!

Basically the idea is write a little about each of my fave albums but I don’t know why really I titled/tagged them all as classic albums? Please feel free to leave a reply about this one or any of them or all of them all, Thank you!


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